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teatimebride Posts: 754
Hi everyone, Ok so I've a good 3 stone to loose for my wedding in just over 7 months and I have zero will power so I'm strongly considering doing celebrity slim for a while. Has anyone tried this before? I'm a bit worried that I will feel sick or weak on it and a bit worried about how it will effect my bowel movements also..... I work in a large office so it would be very noticeable and very embarrassing if I was running off to the loo all the time! Has anyone tried this before and what effects did you notice? PM me if you're not comfortable posting anything you think is TMI for a public forum!! How much can I expect to loose in the first month? Was thinking of doing if for a month, doing WW for a month or 2 after that and then go back to CS if I need to, I feel I just need a bit of a kick start. I plan on exercising 3 times a week also, walking for 30 mins or more. Oh yes, another question, can you still drink tea and coffee on it or is it just water?
Bonnie Parker Posts: 2670
I don't have any experience of diet pills. I do think that with 7 months to go, you would be better off going on a sensible (maybe even strict) diet and upping the exercise. If you cut out all rubbish and eat healthy, just drink on special occasions etc, start spinning or something with a weight loss emphasis - you would easily lose a stone, maybe even two.
TAZ DEVIL Posts: 1706
i started cs about 6 months before my wedding... waste of money and time!! those damn chocolate bars is all ill remember about studying for my degree!! they were rotten and the only shake i could bear was chocolate. i lost maybe 5 lbs over all! rubbish! get yourself exercising 3/4 times a week (doesn't have to be gym bunny status just good brisk walks) watch your carb intake (cut down on white bread, rice pasta... switch to wholegrain/brown versions of these) drink 1.5-2 litres of water a day, do all the right things really... thats when you will see average of 2 lbs a week gone HEALTHILY! so in 7 months thats a min of 56 pounds thats over 3 stone... :ooh :ooh my cousin went on cs the same day as me and she lost 9 lbs in the first week..fantastic then... went out on the beer and had hangover food next day... put on 4 lbs of it! :ooh NOW the disgusting side of it, [u:1140p8zx][b:1140p8zx]**TMI TMI TMI**[/b:1140p8zx][/u:1140p8zx] i had low fat mayo once on a wrap for lunch.... that evening i had to let one go :innocent: (fart :-8 ) i had to RUN to the loo, just made it in time... it was pure orange oil coming out of me, thats how it breaks down any fats you eat... disgusting!! save yourself 40 quid a week and eat healthy and exercise.
happieout Posts: 3111
The only way to lose weight without worry is to exercise and eat healthily. Sounds easy of course but definitely worth it. After a year or two of letting the weight creep up, I got back on track the last year and i feel fantastic. (lost 1.5 stone) You don't want to take anything that might badly effect your overall health - better to be a stone over your goal on the day than have any damage to your organs. It's great to feel good on the wedding day but long term health is most important, especially if you'll be planning a family in the future. Best of luck with it - you'll find will power if you really want to lose the weight.
jadem Posts: 1787
I was 13 stone last year and decided to join ww,best decision i ever made. I lost 3 stone in jus over 6 months,i ate properly and pigged out too (has to be done),did lots of walking which i love.I was determined and by god the shopping spree at end was worth it.If u really want to lose weight and eat and exercise properly it will happen and i can prove that,best of luck with the wedding. I'm back to ww in jan as jus had a baby and can't wait,jus 2 loose,walking here i come
Kaycee Posts: 2107
this, lipotrim will make you fatter in the end. id recommend buying food rules by michael pollan (or get his larger book in defence of food). another one my friend swears by after seeing her on oprah is gillian roth, women, food, god, she says its changed her life as it makes you think about why you eat.
rayven12 Posts: 392
I did CS last year coming up to a friends wedding and lost 1 stone 4 lbs in 7 weeks :) I only put around 6 lbs back on. Am getting married in July and am starting CS again in January. Like any diet you have to be "in the zone" as my friend said. You have to want to diet. I'm CRAP at dieting but I found CS good and if I wanted a snack I used to have a small bowl of S*****l K and found that did me. We just found out that DD2 is Diabetic so we won't have loads of goodies in the house tempting her so that should help me too :yelrotflmaosmilie: Good luck with it
Daff Posts: 11644
I did it for a month 7 months before our wedding. I lost a stone easy enough - I then went on to ww and lost another stone. I then just went running 4 times a week to maintain it.Now I was very vigilant for the month I did it but it paid off. Dh has also done it and got great results. No tea or coffee on it but you can have wine and cheese!!! :o0
FoxyLockz Posts: 2448
Hi Teatimebride I'm starting this tomorrow....I've heard mixed reviews on it but it may work for some and may not for others in my opinion. I want to loose about 2 stone. I've tried going to the gym and eating healthier but I lost nothing not even a half pound so i've decided to give this ago. From what i read up so far.....its cutting out the carbs in your diet. When your body wants to burn energy it will burn into the carbs that the body stores so by cutting out the amound of carbs your body is storinbg and burning...it will burn fat instead. Then your gradually introduce carbs back into your plan after about 8 weeks You can still drink tea and coffee but it limits the amount to 3 a day from what I read. I'm lookng forward to starting it. We can be CS buddies O-O
originalwoowoo Posts: 867
TTB - you should look to see if there is a Herbalife club near you, would highly recommend it. Tablets before meals, herbal tea and shake for breakfast & lunch and normal dinner. This along with some exercise works - and compared with other diets I felt really well on it. Lost 1.5 stone in 14 weeks and others I know have had good success. It is expensive though. The snow and Christmas have not helped so cant wait to get back on it this week!