celebrity trim?

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dion Posts: 986
hi girls just wondering if any off you have tried this or heard much about it, i bought the pack yesterday & hoping to start it tommoro, i have a stone to loose, excercise quite a lot. It says replace 2 meals with shakes, im thinking maybe il start of replacing 1 meal with a shake & ww soup fo lunch. iv also heard there is a fibre supplement they have, but i didnt get that in the pack any feedback id really appreciate. di
shootingstar Posts: 1340
Hi Dion, I started Celebruty Slim about 2 weeks ago now! finding it ok! I can see a difference, but i Havent weighed myself!!! I dont want to cuz im afraid of the result!!!! Ive been takin my measurements and I can see the difference with it alreay!! I hope to continue on this for another 6 weeks until DD birthday and then see if i can fit into my pre pregnancy clothes!!! I'm startin to use a vibroplate today so hopefully that will help with the toning up!!!