Cellulite on legs while pregnant

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Baby on the brain Posts: 67
Girls To be horror I have noticed I have gotten awful cellulite on the front of my thighs which was not there before. I know deep down that my body is growing a baby but I am finding the weight gain a bit upsetting. I have agined almost 10 pounds and am 11 weeks pregnant
pattie Posts: 2379
Baby on the brain, sounds just like me! I had a similar weight gain at your stage. It's now slowed down a little. The cellulite I noticed got immediately worse nearly as soon as I got the BFP. I started using L'Oreal Perfect Slim every morning, massaging in as they say in the instructions and I'd say I now have less cellulite than before I was pregnant. It's a bit of a consolation for the stone + weight gain to date. Don't get too down about it, some people just gain more early on than others. Later on when heartburn kicks in you might be gaining more slowly than others.
Mrs2008 Posts: 812
Go and buy a body brush (Body Shop one is great) and start brushing your skin in long strokes always towards your heart. Always do this before having a shower and afterwards slather yourself in Body Shop Cocoa Moisturising Lotion. I swear to god this works - it completely broke up my cellulite and i didn't get one single stretchmark and your skin will feel amazing. I swear by this and a few friends who are pregnant have started it after examining by stomach and finding no marks. Good Luck :wv