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Gabby Posts: 2873
Hi all anyone know the best way of getting rid of it? Exercise? Creams? Body Brushing? I try and get out for a walk and run every day but it seems to be doing nothing for it. Anyone got any tips? Thanks
NYfiancee Posts: 170
ahh cellulite, the scourge of thighs and asses everywhere.... Sigh.... Mine is horrendous. However, body brushing and exercise does do wonders.... Running and walking are excellent. Try to inlude some steep hills in your walks as well. Take big strides and make sure to pull your tum in tight while walking - will help that area too. If you are a member of a gym use the stepper / stair master as well and the leg weight machines - they wont bulk u up contrary to popular belief. Squats and lunges work absolute wonders as well. It takes about 6-8 wks to notice a change tho but its worth it... oh yeah and cutting down on alcohol, coffee and fags will help as well big sigh...! let me know if u stumble across the miracle cure! :wv [url=] [img:39g12ygv];10716;0/st/20080829/e/Our+Wedding%21/dt/6/k/1cbb/event.png[/img:39g12ygv] [url=] [img:39g12ygv][/img:39g12ygv] [/url]
Gabby Posts: 2873
thanks nyfiancee will just keep up the exercise then and maybe try a cream perfect slim by loreal
pattie Posts: 2379
Perfect Slim is good, but you have to massage it in the way the say in the instructions, kind of pinching/squeezing. I found I got some bruises at first and it was really sore and tender then after a week or so it didn't hurt anymore. After a month it was noticeably smoother. I wonder is there any point using the night cream or the patches also? I've only ever used the original gel.
Gabby Posts: 2873
I used the gel once aswell but didn;t find it any good there is another thread on this and someone has recommended palmers cocoa butter so might give that a try thanks for the suggestions girls
big day \\\'08! Posts: 482
fizzy water is great 4 it
MammySpice Posts: 2501
[quote:1ovf42uc]fizzy water is great 4 it[/quote:1ovf42uc] ? :-8
The Fitness Dock Posts: 130
I recommend the following: [b:21z7uq64]Weight Training Exercises[/b:21z7uq64]: Lunges, Squats, Leg Extensions, Seated Leg Curl & Stiff Leg Deadlifts [b:21z7uq64]Detoxing[/b:21z7uq64] & [b:21z7uq64]Dry Body Brushing[/b:21z7uq64] 2-4 litres of fresh [b:21z7uq64]water[/b:21z7uq64] every day [b:21z7uq64]Steamroom[/b:21z7uq64] or best of all a [b:21z7uq64]Tylarium[/b:21z7uq64].
july7812 Posts: 1787
[quote="The Fitness Dock":2ngf9pyh] [b:2ngf9pyh]Steamroom[/b:2ngf9pyh] or best of all a [b:2ngf9pyh]Tylarium[/b:2ngf9pyh].[/quote:2ngf9pyh] Whats a Tylarium???
The Fitness Dock Posts: 130
A tylarium is like a mixture of a sauna and a steamroom. It looks just like a sauna but fill full of steam. It's my favourite to use because it helps you get rid of water trapped under the skin. Lots of women suffer from bloating, which makes their tummies (especially the lower tummy) appear big. The tylarium is great for getting rid of excess water. It also helps removes the toxins which contribute to the formation of cellulite. Pop down to The Fitness Dock if you ever want to try out our tylarium - it's fantastic. PAUL