celtic rhythm dancers

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pete1pete Posts: 5
:o)ll has anyone booked celtic rhythm dancers for your wedding? Or has anyone ever seen them before? we have them booked for 30 minutes when the band takes a break, expensive enough but heard there very very good O-O
tj2008 Posts: 77
Hi there, we've booked them for our wedding next year. We saw them perform at the Point in January at the Wedding Show but we had seen them perform on New Years Eve in Cavan and thougth they were excellent and had decided there and then we were going to book them. I use to go into the Arlington Hotle on the quays on a Sunday night and have seen them perform there lots of times. If you want to look at them you should check and see if they still perform. Bewsto fluck with the rest of your planning.
~lila~ Posts: 524
Hiya, I was at a wedding last week and they performed during the band's break. They were fab everyone was crowding around the dance floor and were talking about it afterwards. Definitely defnitely book them. Marmali.
Greece Posts: 1800
Yep, i have them booked since i booked my hotek, have sen them at the wedding show and at several weddings since and they are fab. They will let you go and see them perorm if you want before you book, just ask Mark. Lovely to have a wedding, they were very profesional. Good luck. x
May 08 Wife Posts: 1642
I have them booked for months for our wedding next year. I have never seen them myself but heard good reviews on here and i knew i wanted irish dancing at the band break. This has never been done before at a local wedding and im hoping it will be a very good talking point.
Fiona13 Posts: 1366
Yep we haev them booked, seen them at my friends wedding & they were just brillant.. they get the crowd going & they dance with the bridal party i was bridesmaid at the time it was brillant...
Angel! Posts: 1494
We have booked them to dance after the speeches, while the band is setting up. We have a lot of overseas guests and thought it would be nice to show them a bit of the old irish culture....
pesto24 Posts: 206
We have them booked as well. Same scenario - all my family is from West Coast US (Riverdance still fascinates them) and H2B's family is from Kerry - so the dancers will play during the band's break. We booked Celtic Music Agency because we had to have a few ceili dances in there ya know! :wv Pretty confident in Celtic Rhythm. I've seen them a few times in Knightsbridge.
MRSWJ Posts: 540
I didn't book dancers for our wedding as I danced for years and it just wasn't my thing anymore (people find that bizzare but there you go). Anyway just wanted to say that if its Fergal you've booked with he's fab. I know him personally and he will do a great job with the troupe. Enjoy :wv
Lizzy1 Posts: 4128
Hi we've booked them too, not sure whether to have them perform when the band is setting up or when there on there break though