Celtic wedding with druid-advice/info?

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b2bdec08 Posts: 470
Hey everyone My friend is thinking of having this type of ceremony. Does anyone have any advice for her or info on how to arrange it. Or even any tips for putting the whole thing together etc Maybe tips for suppliers etc-She is based around Galway. Thanks a mil-Just can't get out of thos wedding buzz so said I'd help! :wv
littlemissbride Posts: 61
For your celtic wedding stationery i would recommend www.celtic-weddingstationery.com There is also info on celtic weddings on www.celtarts.com/wedding.htm :wv
bamboo Posts: 278
If you can get your hands on the Spring 2009 (current issue) of The Wedding Journal, there is a real weddings supplement with it and a celtic wedding is one of them! Good Luck!
gerbil Posts: 3528
if you contact the pagan group for Ireland http://www.fainne.net/ you could probably ask for some contacts of people who will perform handfastings etc They are very new age and wiccan but there should be someone who could help.