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Special Day Posts: 13
I'm based in Sydney with my fiance and we've decided to have our wedding in Ireland where I am from. We want to have a civil ceremony and reception in one venue. I'm looking for suggestions where this can be done. So far I've looked into Rathsallagh - looks fab except have heard mixed reports about the bar being too far away from the dining room Bellinteer - frontrunner at the moment but quite expensive Killashees - great reception venue but did not like the ceremony room Ideally it would be great if it was a small venue we could book out exclusively for the night of the wedding along the lines of Rathsallagh. All help really appreciated
Mrs Fahrenheit Posts: 1582
What are you numbers? We considered Rathsallagh also; but their was a bar in the marquee area? We also saw the Millhouse - lovely private venue with interesting food. Brooklodge - not private but worth looking at. They have a lovely chapel for civil ceremonies - it take up to 150 guests. Clonabreany House in Meath. They also have a limited number for civil ceremonies. That's all I can think of for now.
boutiquebride Posts: 279
Hi pm'd you there
mackile Posts: 17
Hi just wondering are you looking at the venues online or have u visited them?
Scruff1 Posts: 3139
i 2nd the suggestion for Brooklodge, my sister was at a wedding ceremony & reception there yesterday and it sounds lovely. Also how about the Village at Lyons or the Wineport?
Special Day Posts: 13
Hi Ladies, Thanks for all the suggestions. Brooklodge is out as my cousin (who is my BM) got married there and I'd prefer somewhere different as there will be a number of the same ppl at the wedding. I reckon we would be looking at about 80ppl so I think that rules out the marquee at Rathsallagh as they only use that for larger weddings. Obvioulsy it will be impossible for me to go check them out but I'll be doing the research and then sending my mum or BM along to the actual venue
Ilovetoast Posts: 2267
Try the Ardenode house, its stunning! its a country house hotel, has a lovely civil ceremony room and beautiful ball room! food is also amazing.
Mrs Fahrenheit Posts: 1582
Ok for 80 people you have got to visit the Village at lyons like Scruff1 suggested. I only looked online but it looks like it has an amazing Civil Ceremony room in La Serre restaurant. Function room looks fab and is all suitable for your numbers. It's pricey though!
abeautifulceremony Posts: 263
Dear Special Day, I have sent you a PM with some suggestions too. :wv
CBMChloe Posts: 34
+1 for Lyons Estate! Its gorgeous there, I've never been to a wedding there, but have eaten in the restaurant a few times, and the food is fab. But it is pricey :eek I was at a wedding in Thomas Priory in Bewleys last month, they had the ceremony here and then the dinner, its a lovely room, very different. Maybe try Liffey Valley House, I think they've changed the name to Leixlip Manor, I was at a wedding here last year and its really nice and private too HTH :)