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Brideziilla Posts: 71
Hi my wedding is booked for 12.30 but Ive just been told that there is now a wedding booked in for 2.30 after mine. Do you think 2 hours is enough for my ceromony and photos and still leave enough time for the other wedding party to arrive and set up the church for the other ceromony flowers etc?? It doesn't leave much room for any delays if something where to go wrong......my head is wrecked. I just dont wont to be rushed out the door :(
mini07 Posts: 282
Should be plenty of time for you anyway, my sisters wedding was on a few weeks ago, she arrived on time (1pm) and we were on our way to the hotel before 2.30, the 2nd florist will have a bit of a rush job on but don't you worry about that, if someone booked theirs as the 2nd wedding they will be aware that they have to wait for ye to leave
ditzypixie Posts: 1397
It will be fine. Lots of churches have 3 weddings a day at 12, 2 and 4 or some other similar arrangement.
foxybox Posts: 672
this happened to my sister a few years ago, and she got the number of the other bride. they arranged to go halves on the church flowers and the florist only had to change the pew ribbons! just a thought... :-8
Brideziilla Posts: 71
thanks girls. You have eased my mind :). Might just contact the other bride about the flowers...good idea !