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winterprincess Posts: 64
Can anyone tell me if €3.00 is expensive for a red organza chair bow? The hotel already supplies the chair covers so I just need the bows and I have done a search on here but all the quotes seem to be for the covers and bows together.
ditzypixie Posts: 1397
The chair covers are free? Then €3 is really expensive. There is little work involved in putting bows on. The work is all in the laundry of the covers and the ironing. I think that they are just cashing in but charging a bit less than the whole package would cost elsewhere. At the same time, if you want chair covers, it still works out cheaper than getting them yourself if the hotel didnt have them. Why are they giving chair covers but charging for bows anyway???
happybride2be Posts: 380
I am getting bows for €1 each plus vat so it will work out 1.21 each, they are from hanley event managment in donnybrook dublin.. hope this helps you... if you would like their number pm me and i will send it to you.
Tantrums & Tiaras Posts: 123
Winterprincess, you can buy the bows over the internet for much cheaper. Try ebay, you should find them there and they sell them with decorations attached to them as well. You could even buy the organza yourself and make up the bows, they are not difficult at all and you can use the same style organza to decorate the pews in the church. It's a little bit of extra work but it would be very nice.
Receptions Posts: 423
Hi there, We hire our sashes with or without chair covers and they are quite reasonably priced. If you would like details you can pm, e-mail [email protected] or call 052 87111. Suzan Receptions
winterprincess Posts: 64
Thanks guys, I think I'm going to do a bit shopping around.