Chair covers and dancers or Fireworks

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workingmom Posts: 3429
Hi girls, as they are about the same price, just wondering if you would help me choose, dancers would be a 5 piece dance troupe of adults doing a 35 minute set, I think our crowd would like them, together with chair covers for the room is the same price as 10 mins of fireworks, which I'd love, but I think the guests wouldn't be interested. What would you go for and why? I need to decide ASAP.
aoifed Posts: 580
I voted before I read your comments :-8 I am the same - I would LOVE the fireworks! They are so so special and for me, would make the occasion even more memorable than it already is!But to be honest, I think that the chair covers and dancers are a more practical idea.. What does you H2B think?
Mrs Malefesense Posts: 1440
I'm a fireworks fan. Getting them for H2B as a surprise for this wedding present. Personally if I was at a wedding I'd much prefer a firework display than a dancing troupe.
Ca cest moi Posts: 7855
I have booked chair covers and a dancing troupe for my own wedding, was going to get fireworks too but decided not too as was at a friends wedding last year and asked someone the next day what they thought of the fireworks and the reply I got was - "Oh I didn't bother to go out and look at them, it was too cold and I was enjoying the chat with so and so....." :eek :eek What worse is that was not the only person who said that too me either, I thought they were lovely and always wanted them but that sort of made me think twice. However it is all personal preference and if you prefer Fireworks I think thats what you should get.
little mrs sunshine Posts: 5523
I wouldn't bother with either. I would put the money to some better use as in, an extra free round of drinks or bar extension or dvd guy. I think chair covers are very clinical looking, not worth the money. I know a girl who organised fireworks at her own wedding and let on her new DH had surprised her with them!! We got married in August and everyone is still talking about our wedding saying the band, DJ hotel, meal etc: was brilliant. We didn't have fireworks nor chaircovers. I did get balloons for tables which made the room look fabulous I know end of the day it's personal preference but I do think it's a waste of money.
serenity Posts: 3675
Miss goodwisa, Can I ask you did you get personalized balloons and if so, where did you get them?? Thanks a mill x
little mrs sunshine Posts: 5523
No they weren't personalised. I got them in the bridesmaid colours and ivory. I am not sure of the company name as my sister organised it two days before the wedding. They came in and set them all up for us and we left the money behind reception for them. Have to say they made the room look lovely.
Sugababe* Posts: 988
We are havin chaircovers and fireworks. We love fireworks and i have to say the difference chaircovers make is incredible.They make the whole room look complete and with the sash they are so soft looking. If you have the money then you should have what ever you like. Your only goin to do it this once We have saved hard to make sure we can have our dream day and not regret anything afterwards
Homebird Posts: 251
MRS goodwisa1 Did you have the balloons on the tables during the meal, speaches etc? Do youhave any photos that you could share? :wv
wooby Posts: 685
I would have neither and put the money it towards your honeymoon..personal choice I suppose