Chair covers for the church

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reetz Posts: 99
Hi, This just came to me while reading a different thread. Do I need to have chair covers for the chairs we will use in the church??? I never thought of this before now. I always thought of the reception when I think of chair covers and our reception included covers in their deal. So I never gave it a second thought. I suppose it may depend on what the chairs look like. I've never even been in this church yet and won't get that chance until 2 weeks before the wedding. Does it really matter if they are covered? Will it affect the photos etc? Oh dear,, this is just one more thing to add to the ever growing list of little things which seem to have a big impact O:| H2B hurt his back last wknd :action32 and is now on his 2nd week off work. :o( Let's hope it improves soon as we have a 28 hour flight back home 2 weeks on Fri. Fingers crossed Am I just worrying for nothing?? :duh: Opinions please
carof Posts: 171
it sounds like you have enough on your plate, so why bother with them...i didn't even think of it on our day.
ohsotired Posts: 7071
We asked the priest in the church we're getting married in whether or not we did them and he said no, unless we really really wanted them! I just see them as an added expense and one more thing to worry about so no chair covers for us!