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candlequeen Posts: 991
Hi girls. I was just wondering if anyone could give me an idea of the price of renting chair covers? I don't need sashes, just need a roundabout price for 220 chair covers and a fairylight backdrop. Thanks :thnk
eefc Posts: 1201 Marie is amazing- she is good with pricing too! I have her doing my chair covers and backdrop for my wedding!
candlequeen Posts: 991
Thank you eefc - could I be really, really cheeky and ask you to PM me with a roundabout price for both? The quotes I'm getting from some people are absolutely shocking?! :thnk
maouise Posts: 83
best price i could get was 1.50 each for chair cover and sash. and fairy light backdrop with top table skirt for 200. thats based in louth. hope this helps