Champagne cocktail ideas

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pinklady001 Posts: 268
Hi Girls, Quick question for ya's. Having a cocktail night for a friends birthday soon and I have a bottle of champagne in the fridge that I was thinking of bringing with me so looking for ideas for some chamapgne cocktails please. The bottle is left over from our wedding and as hubby doesn't drink there's not much point in me opening it on my own! Thanks in advance!
ott Posts: 3920
Could you get some Creme de Cassis? I love Kir Royale.
pinklady001 Posts: 268
I could certainly have a look for it, thanks. could you describe the taste? edit: just googled it. that sounds delicious!
SunnyK Posts: 3834
Ooooh champagne cocktails are yumm! I also love Kir Royale but if you have Peach Schnapps you could do Bellini's
pinklady001 Posts: 268
have peach schnapps at home, yum :) another one to add, thanks!
cremebrulee Posts: 8546
Pink bunny martinis are champage, vodka, cranberry juice and pineapple juice. They are yummy.
pinklady001 Posts: 268
we're getting vodak and cranberry for cosom's anyway so that would work out perfectly too, thanks. I have a bottle of sparkling wine too, I presume that could be used the same as champagne?
MinnietheMinx Posts: 2396
My favourite is a raspberry champagne cocktail, champagne, chambord and a fresh raspberry- yum yum (the chambord can be hard to find though)
pinklady001 Posts: 268
never heard of chambord but again that sounds lovely, love raspberries. Think I will go with the bellinis and the Pink bunny martinis, unless I can get some creme da cassis. they all sound delicious. thanks girls!
SunnyK Posts: 3834
This has me DYING for a glass of fizz later!! :hic O-O