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19may2006 Posts: 81
Hi Wondering where I could buy/rent about 320 champagne glasses. I want to use them for my wedding favor. If renting does anyone roughly how much they would cost. Thanks Grainne
Doc Posts: 159
We've found it really difficult to source champagne glassess in Ireland. We're looking at a couple of US sites at the moment I'll let you know if we find something.
19may2006 Posts: 81
Hi all, Found a place that you could rent them off. Champane Flutes 6oz - 49 for E9.31 Good luck Grainne
Doc Posts: 159
Thanks Grainne.
GEM Posts: 9
There are a few different hiring companies, such as party hire, I would advise you to shop around a little! The price, €9.31 for 49, quoted for caterhire can be reduced if you go to a shop called the Wine and Beer Warehouse in Stillorgan. They have a 10% discount offer with Caterhire when you buy wine there! There selection is quite large on wine and their Champagnes are very reasonable. I think you can get an extremely good Procecco there for about €15 a bottle! They also have free hire on both Wine and Champagne glasses, but I doubt they would have 300!! You could also try your luck at getting free glass hire for a number of different wine stores, it would be a bit mix and match then though and possibly quite difficult to sort out at the end of the night! Hope that helps, Elaine Global Event Management, Wedding Consultant, 085 7198994 [email protected]