Champagne half price!!!!

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Bride 2012 Posts: 210
Hi ladies, Taittinger champagne is half price in tesco at the mo. Was €50 now €25!!!! just bought 60 bottles for my wedding in 2012 :o)ll :o)ll Get t Tesco quick smart :yelrotflmaosmilie:
bettyh Posts: 184
Thanka a mill for that! How many bottles do u reckon for champagne reception - 160 people?
Bride 2012 Posts: 210
If u divide 160 by 6 that is approx how many glasses u get in a bottle prob more tho and from there u see how many glasses u want t give. I have 120 people and want t give them 2 glasses each and then have some for the lead up t the wedding and also for the next day. So for all of your guests t have 2 glasses it is 52 bottles
bettyh Posts: 184
great thanks for the info!
Scruff1 Posts: 3139
Wow thats brilliant might look into it tomorrow!!!!
Bride 2012 Posts: 210
Well me and the H2B bought 60 bottles this evening and there was easily another 100 - 120 bottles left! Such a good deal :o)ll :o)ll
donegalbride2013 Posts: 5
Hi guys, how long do you think this would last? I'm getting married in April 2013 and considering getting 60 bottles but I'm a bit worried they will go off. Also would it have to be stored in certain conditions or anything? Thanks