Champagne query

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spicy Posts: 43
Tesco have the following champagne on sale: Champagne Comte De Noiron Brut @ €23.99. Is it nice champagne? Is it a good brand? We have zero knowledge of champagne and we were going to buy sparkling wine but if we can get champagne for that price I would be willing to buy it. Advice needed!!! Thanks in advance
Gabby Posts: 2873
hey spicy sorry I can;t help you on what it is like but maybe buy a bottle and see what you think yourselves. Also I would ring a couple of wine place and warehouses etc and you might get champagne cheaper if you buy by the case. We had Prosecco for our reception- it was lovely and light
Betsy May Posts: 2168
Buy a bottle and drink it (with H2B) - if you both enjoyed it, go back and ask what price they'll give you on a case. I think Tesco sometimes do a 5 bottles for the price of 6 type deal, it's worth asking. I don't know the brand but Brut means dry. Gabby - we want to have Prosecco for our reception - where did you get yours?
tanyar08 Posts: 9
HI Girls... Great Champagne (pink) Gratien and Mayer Saumur Available from maker in France but they don’t deliver to Ireland Great if you fancy a booze cruise ... About 6euro a bottle… Or you can buy it online from Great western Wines in the UK thinks its around 10euro plus delivery... Happy Champagne Hunting…