Change first then feed or what?

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chicam Posts: 1169
Sorry if this is a stupid question. The books say that newborns can fill their nappy after each feed - does this mean you should wait until they're finished their feed before changing or change, then feed, then change again??? And how come all the books say (particularly Gina Ford) that for during the night feeds to not stimulate the baby too much so that it goes back to sleep after the feed. And not stimulating also means not changing baby unless you really really have to (with a newborn is this even possible?).
Anonymous Posts: 24542
I feed first, then change. DD could easily fill her nappy again during a feed, so it's easier to just get as much out of the way as possible in one go. She's so busy horsing her milk into her, she doesn't give a damn about her nappy until she's done. I don't bother changing her nappy after her dreamfeed at 23:00 unless I know that she's totally destroyed it, and she lasts through until 07:00 no problem. If I do have to change it, though, she's so comatose that she barely stirs anyway.
Blackbird Posts: 5135
It really depends on the baby. Some are sleepy so you might have to change them first to wake them up enough to feed. I now change DS at the end of a feed but I used to have to change him half way through as he'd fall asleep on the boob/bottle and this was the only way to wake him. At the start I did change his nappy in the middle of the night but then I stopped after a few weeks (unless I needed to wake him up half way through). However I still change him after his 10pm feed now. One night I didn't as he was sleepy and I thought it might be better to leave him but he woke up at 5am soaked through. For the nighttime feeds we always put on only a lamp, no talking to him and he seems to get the message that it's nighttime as he normally settles well, which he rarely does during the day.
whackywoman Posts: 1496
don't usually change until after a feed unless he is pooey don't change the baby at all once she is asleep for the night unless she is soaked through which has not happened yet (thank god for Comfies nappies). Was changing her in the beginning in the middle of the night for the first few weeks and it was more of a hassle to her and to us than anything.
Babybop. Posts: 592
My DD has reflux so i have to change first as moving her after a feed could cause her to be sick. so it really does depend on your child i wouldn't read to much into what books tell you trust your own judgement.
jellybaby Posts: 2316
[quote="Babybop.":2kxpdc5v]My DD has reflux so i have to change first as moving her after a feed could cause her to be sick. [/quote:2kxpdc5v] I had to do the same with my DD. And if she was dirty after a feed, I had to find a way to prop her up at an angle to change her! DS is slightly refluxy too (not as bad as DD though), but he poos after almost every feed, so there's no point in me changing him before a feed. You won't really know what works for you until you experiment.
silíní Posts: 4219
When DD was newborn, i changed her mid-feed as i was BF and she was constantly falling asleep on the boob! Now i usually change her after a feed. but NEVER at night unless she is soaked through......
delgirl Posts: 1706
I give ds about 3 ounces (out of 8 ounce bottle) first and then usually change him as he does be really hungry when he wakes for bottle. It really depends though because if he was soaked through or dirty when he woke I would change him first as I like him to enjoy the bottle. When he was a newborn I always just changed him after the bottle although as I bottle fed he pnly ever had one dirty nappy a day. At his night time feed at 23:00 I always change him as he does wet quite a lot but he is a good sleeper so always settles down straight after anyway. I do chat to him at night and smile when feeding him but again he is a good sleeper and enjoys the company ut understands that it is night time and goes straight down with no prompting when finished and sleeps through.
Heavenleigh Posts: 1406
It´s really different with every baby. You willhave to see what suits your little one the best. I always changed before feeding, cos sometimes babs would fall asleep during the feed and he could be put down in his cot again asleep....especially during the night I did it this way, cos if I changed him after the feed he would have been wide awake again...