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scoilnet32 Posts: 7
Does anybody have any change the date/save the template I could use? Had to change the venue and invites have already been sent out :( Any advice much appreciated!Thanks!
thepetals Posts: 532
How about a letter saying the following: Oct, 2010 Unfortunately, we just learned that [b:3ngemt4w][u:3ngemt4w]"insert your venue here[/u:3ngemt4w][/b:3ngemt4w]" has closed its doors last month/double booked (whatever the reason). We have made arrangements for our reception to take place on the same date and time, but be held instead at The New Place, 123 Main Street, This Town, etc. We hope you can join us at The New Place to celebrate! Sincerely, Tweety3474 and FI [sign here] Was going to give you a poem also but figured that this probably needs to be done as formally as possible. hth P