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sharonstep Posts: 57
i used to browse this site last year well before we had to register in order to post and i think it was soo much better. The idea of registering users was to deter trolls etc. but i personally think that since the the "off topic" section in particular was created the attitudes and bitchiness has gotten totally out of control to the point that any kind of behaviour is now acceptable, basically the insults and name calling that goes on now wasn't as bad before registering so what was the point. im sure nobody cares what i think about this but i would not be bothered to log on here on a regular basis anymore which is sad because i found it a great help in the early stages of planning my wedding and so the new b2bs are losing out on that help because of a very small number of people here who obviously have no purpose here but to bitch and be nasty. i will leave now as i have looked through a lot of posts today and found that no matter what the original topic was they all ended up identical because of the usual suspects who are only here to be bitches. i re registered a couple of weeks ago thinking it would be nice to visit again but how wrong was I.. adios ladies.
SandraM Posts: 1112
You're right - it has changed a lot. The name-calling is ridiculous. I try to help b2bs if I can, but some people are just here to "mess". Shocking.
rose petal Posts: 307
I agree, I was a bit disappointed today as I would love to have got involved more in wedding issues today . But most threads were taken over quiet quickly with very irrate behaviour and abuse. :cry: IMO Sorry :oops: RP
Strawberry Posts: 148
I agree the site has changed a lot but I think you'll find "Old Faithful" is pretty much the same and that's where I spent most of last year when I was planning my wedding. There's not much in "Off Topic" for busy brides to be, in terms of wedding advice, so anyone needing help is better off in the main wedding related forums (or should that be fora..never did Latin)
pippa Posts: 436
Some people take the site way too seriously.
Sparklymum Posts: 1563
I think the "Off Topic" has worked quite well because it really has secluded the arguements from the serious planning end of the site, which is what it was supposed to do. Only thing is its a bit like a road accident, you don't want to look and you know it aint going to be pretty, but you just have to have a peep!
The Bride Posts: 686
Right, you just re-registered a few weeks ago...that's why you have a post on "Pregnancy and Babies" saying you can't use your regular name for obvious reasons. That's why you know who the so-called "usual suspects" are. For Christ's sake, do you think we are stupid?
sharonstep Posts: 57
not so much that i think you are stupid more like totally convinced of it.
MrsCranberry Posts: 297
God this is getting boring. Is there some sort of WOL competition we don't know about - "The Most Threads Opened Complaining About Bitchiness". Honestly, stick the whinging and moaning into one thread and spare us! Do you think we should ask the High Priestess Fiona to open another forum "Lickle Fluffy Bunnies" for all the sychophantic, kiss-arse, follow the leader type postings?
The Bride Posts: 686
[quote:uisxq680]not so much that i think you are stupid more like totally convinced of it.[/quote:uisxq680] So you re-registered so that you could insult people hiding behind this handle. Maybe you should have re-registered as "chicken shit". It's not too hard to guess at who you are anyway out of the "usual suspects" who can't work the shift key.