Changing bag as labour bag????

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Mrs Summer Posts: 5040
Morning all, Hope yous all had a lovely weekend and kept yourselves safe in the snow. I was wondering what yous are all using for your labour bag???? Im thinking of using the baby's changing bag for it and was just wondering if any of yous are doing the same???? Will leave mine and baby's hospital bag in the boot until we get onto a ward as when I was in hosptial a couple of weeks back I heard a HELL of a lot of arguements from couples who came into the labour wards with suitcases in tow :ooh :ooh
MrsSoprano Posts: 507
I think thats a great idea- sure you will need the changing bag anyway, and if its a reasonable size, Im sure you'd fit in all you would need- including what will have to go into the changing bag in the first place. I'll probably bring the changing bag and just an oversized handbag for me. Its one I usually use for overnight/weekend stays and has plenty of room I'd say. But will be giving DH a run through of where everything is kept in them so he will be able to find whatever is needed without having to pull everything out!!
Mrs Summer Posts: 5040
Thanks for your reply babydancing, Heres what my plan is :o0 :o0 :o0 : Changing bag for labour bag in it: nightie, light dressing gown, slippers, bed socks, face spray, facecloth, 2 Pair of knickers, 2 "green" maternity pads, hair bobbins, wipes, nursing bra, camera, breast pads, for baby: 1 babygrow, 1 vest, 1 hat, 1 cardi, 1 pair of mits, 1 nappy, 1 blanket and 1 towel, theres probably a couple of other bits but I just cant think of them now :o0 :o0 , Hope they all fit, here is the changing bag Ive ordered: [img:37a657jl][/img:37a657jl] Overnight bag as baby's hospital bag (stay in car till in room) Weekend bag as my hospital bag (stay in car till in room) The reason im going with different bags for everything is: 1. as I said earlier the amount of fights I seen in the hospital with suitcases were not funny and 2. friends of ours just had a baby (brought a suitcase with them) had no separate baby bag and when we went up to see them they were arguing as he couldnt find what he was looking for in the case so I just thought there has to be an easier way to it all and have 3 separate bags :o0 :o0 :o0
Dipsy80 Posts: 1038
My tip for hospital / labour bag is to put a complete set of clothes & a nappy for the baby in a plastic freezer bag so that if DH needs to get something out that he justs pulls out a small plastic bag. In each bag I've put the following - Vest - Babygrow - Nappy - Bib - Socks Then in the labour bag I have one with all the above plus a cardigan, hat and scratch mitts. I have some spare nappies in the hospital bag and some bags have an extra hat / mitts in them.
candypants Posts: 8575
God i havnt even thought that far........ maybe i need to get more organised :-8
Mrs Summer Posts: 5040
[quote="candypants":285xl3lb]God i havnt even thought that far........ maybe i need to get more organised :-8[/quote:285xl3lb] lol me thinks you do :o0 :o0 The only reason im getting organised is that after my stay in hosp a few weeks back I had my poor mam running all over town grabbing my bits, saying that I still havent actually packed anything just have them all in, Am gonna wash baby's clothes this weekend and then get all the bags sorted, have my toiletries bag sorted as I went to boots last week and spent. wait for it ......... €90 :ooh :ooh :ooh between nipple cream, tea tree oil ect..... Only ordered my changing bag today too so i'll have to wait and see the size of it before I decide if I can use it for my labour bag, God its getting soooo exciting xxx