Changing cars - looking for recommendations

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Tess72 Posts: 1173
Hi all I want to change my car and I'm having trouble making up my mind. So far the contenders are Honda Civic Honda Jazz Toyota Corolla Mazda 3 I want a hassle free car so am tending towards the above brands as they are known as great cars and very reliable. I'm pregnant with my first so want something that can comfortably take a decent sized pram. It's also the 2nd car of the household so I don't want to go too big. Can anyone with the above cars recommend them? Do you find you've enough room when travelling with the buggy and have room for shopping etc. Is the Jazz too small maybe? All comments welcome.
justwaitin Posts: 2462
whichever one you opt for, id go for one that has the biggest boot, i really like the new civic think there fab looking, the back passenger doors were a bit small, so thought it would be hard enough to get a toddler in to a car seat. i bought a focus in sept and changed it in october for this reason, now have a senic, which has lots of space. Good luck with deciding, i have a love /hate relationship when it comes to cars, always checking out which one ill get next, it drives dp crazy.
Purple Tulip Posts: 3442
we had a corolla when ds was born...i found the boot very small...we recently upgraded to an Avensis and the boot is huge..mite be bigger than what you are looking for
Tess72 Posts: 1173
I love the Avensis actually but I'm a bit scared of it cos I currently drive a Yaris and to be honest I've scratched the crap out of it over the yrs. I don't want to spend too much for that reason - in case I wreck it. I can't even parallel park a Yaris so I'm too scared to get an Avensis. Good advice about the Corolla and the Focus though. They're bigger than a Yaris but I didn't think the boots looked that significantly bigger, esp when you consider how much extra is about to be going into them.
justwaitin Posts: 2462
i went from drving a micra to a laguna, youl get the hang of it takes a bit of practice. id buy the biggets car you can afford.
Rocket Queen Posts: 7381
We got a Vectra when I was pg becasue the boot was huge, unfortunately it was very awkward trying to get the buggy in and out. Also coz it was a saloon my back would kill me if I was in teh car for longer than 15mins. We changed it for a Focus CMax and it's the best thing we ever did. Because it's higher off the ground I don't have to bend down when putting DD into her car seat and the boot is huge plus I can just slid the buggy in and out. I'll never go back to saloons again.
MrsK07 Posts: 454
I got a Focus hatchback last year and love it. There is loads of room in the boot. There is no edge on the boot so you won't have to lift a buggy/pram out over this. The back seat is higher than normal cars. I am very impressed with it. The Honda Jazz is a tiny car so you won't have much comfort with that. Happy Shopping
Tess72 Posts: 1173
Thanks all for the recommendations. I'm looking at the Avensis again now. Love that car. Hope DH won't be annoyed if I get a nicer car than his though cos he actually does more milage than me. It's the boot size that's NB to me though.