Changing from Semi to fully private?

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MotherNature Posts: 317
Hi girls, I had my last two children as a semi-private patient in the Rotunda. I've already booked back in to the SP clinic this time, but my hubby is strongly urging me to go private. He has Plan E VHI so we'd be covered for it. My one and only concern is that midwives wouldn't deliver my baby. I had such amazing midwives the last two times and I'd really love for them to deliver this baby too. I know that consultants are more 'qualified' but I just feel more comfortable with the midwives. If I do decide to go fully private, can all you other private patients tell me if your babies were delivered by midwives or the consultants? To be honest, the only reason that I'd go private is for the opportunity of getting a room to myself if there's one available. I was shattered the last time sharing rooms and with two older kids going to be visiting me it would be much nicer for them if mummy and their new sibling had a room that they could relax in. Of course I could be uber-cheeky and tell the consultant that I just didn't want to see him/her at the delivery, but I'm not sure how well that would go down!
sparklybabe Posts: 3353
would go down like a lead balloon id imagine :o0 no if your private unless you deliver at the speed of light the consultant will want to deliver your baby. by the way consultants being more qualified is a commen misconception consultants are doctors and deal with the abnormal aka people with high risk pregnancies and pregnancy problems etc midwives are the experts in normal pregnancy and birth ask a consultant what the best positions are for labour how you would bf even how you could make up bottles morning sickness remedies a lot would not be able to tell you in my experiance! :o0 why does your dh want you to go private was he unhappy last time?
MotherNature Posts: 317
Double post
MotherNature Posts: 317
Thanks for the reply Sparklybabe. The only reason my husband is suggesting going private is because I was just so shattered the last two times in the hospital from lack of sleep. On my last baby I'd been up all day Friday, delivered Saturday at 2am and was still awake at almost 8 am. I was on a public ward at first and it was like Connolly station, total mayhem! I eventually got onto a semi private ward that afternoon with two other women but being a maternity hospital, our babies kept each other and us awake. On my first baby my first night on the SP ward was crazy too. Even though my daughter was sleeping quite well there were new arrivals to the ward all night. Also, on both pregnancies I had complications that led to week long stays prior to my due date. I was on the prenatal ward and it was just chaotic at night time. Despite ear plugs I got feck all sleep for the week that I was in. He knows that there won't be much rest while I'm in hospital but he's just looking out for me and trying to get what little peace and quiet for me that there might be. I know that the midwives are the experts, that's why I want them to deliver my baby. My opinion has always been that as soon as you see a consultant you know that there's something wrong. On my last two births I only saw one doctor during delivery and that was because my daughter was in distress and they needed to get her out quickly. I'm basically looking for best of both worlds; midwife delivery and a private room. I don't know what to do now. I suppose there's nothing wrong with a consultant delivering my baby, it's just not something that I have experience of. I was admitted for a week at 38 weeks last time and my one encounter with a consultant left me with a sour taste in my mouth. She was a prize B-itch! Should have made a mental note of her name so that I don't end up with her! Yikes! I'll have to make up my mind soon.
sparklybabe Posts: 3353
seeing as its your third baby why dont you look for early discharge?? the day after you give birth for example most hospitals are willing to go along with this. i def agree with you hospitals are not the best place to get sleep. you do know that their is no guarenntee if you go private that you will get a room though right?
marriedLife Posts: 1881
Why don't you look into the domino scheme which you can do from Rotunda - that is completely mid-wife led. Under this scheme you are classed as public but you can pay additional/plus VHI for SP accommodation - so I assume you can also opt for a private room in the same way? I am going to Holles St and would love to do the Domino but I am outside the catchment area - so I am just going to go to the Midwives’ Clinic in Out Patients Department instead which I think is similar concept but you have to visit them in the hospital instead of their Satellite clincs. It's defo worth looking into if it's the mid-wife care you want. Also you get specific appointment times with the mid-wife clinics instead of general time when everyone shows up. ... y-services