changing job while pregnant

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lightscribe Posts: 112
I've been recently called for an interview, its for a better overall, and better paid job than im in at the moment. Thing is im 8 weeks pregnant! am i mad to think of going for it? The job im in now is permanent but the company are horrible to work for and id [b:ln2n1x30]love[/b:ln2n1x30] to move on from them, But im not even sure of the legalities of this really, if all went well and i was offered the job would pregnancy affect this, i presume you shouldn't be discriminated against because of pregancy (but thats probably in a perfect world!) Also if i got the job, and had to tell them almost as soon as i started that i was pregnant, id guess that they wouldn't be happy with me, would it be a bad start to my relationship with them.. any advice/other peoples experience appreciated
Bonnie Parker Posts: 2670
You are under no obligation to tell the company you are interviewing with, that you are pregnant. I'm not sure what i would do if I was in your situation. You could be honest and tell them and hope that they appreciate your honesty - either at the interview stage or when you start if you were successful. Or you could try and hold out as long as possible (if you got the job) - if it is your first pregnancy you could probably hide it for 4-5 months. In that time you may have proven yourself etc, and at least they would know you were worth employing. But this could be interpreted as deceitful and may effect your future prospects with the company. TBH it would be a silly move to tell them at interview - at the end of the day your honesty will most likely not be appreciated and you have to think of yourself. Is it a large company, will there be cover readily available when you take mat leave? - I suppose this would have a greater effect on a smaller company. Some companies, such as bigger corporations, internationals etc, have a better reputation with employee relations etc than others. There are other things to take into consideration - would you be fully paid on mat leave in your existing job? Would you be fully paid with the new company? many companies require employees to have worked for a certain time period until they are entitled to full pay - or the entitlement to a percentage of your full pay, increases as time passes.
lightscribe Posts: 112
In my current job i wouldn't be covered for maternity leave, will just get state benefit. I'm not sure what company im interviewing with's policy is on mat leave pay is, but i suppose i wouldn't be in a worse off position- that is unless the pregnancy would affect whether they would make role permanent after probationary period. It is my first pregnancy so i shouldn't be showing for another 2-3 months i'm estimating. It makes me feel uneasy at the dishonesty of not telling them, But i'm pretty sure it would be a really good career move- so its tempting to go for it and risk it. They are are pretty small company, 60 people or so. i would guess that they would have to get cover for leave...
Bonnie Parker Posts: 2670
It's a toughy! I think that you may feel foolish in hindsight if you went for the job, told them at the conclusion of the interview that you are pregnant - and then for whatever reason (whether connected to the pregnancy or not), you don't get the job. I [i:i2rp3wrz]think[/i:i2rp3wrz] what I would do is go for the interview and if I got the job, tell them at an early stage about the pregnancy. You will still have a decent period of time to prove yourself within the company. Realistically when any woman in the late 20s-mid 30s presents for interview - i doubt there are many interviewers who do not consider the fact that maternity leave is always a possibility. So it's not going to be the most shocking news of all time. The bottom line here is that you are not doing anything illegal etc - you are not obliged to tell them and they should not discriminate against you. Also - You have to bear in mind that you are in the early stages of pregnancy . Most couples have not told anyone at that stage - there's a reason for that. It's not like you are rocking in 20 weeks pregnant with a big scarf covering your stomach! I think very few would expect such honestly at the early stages of pregnancy. The fact that you hate your current role, you don't get mat pay etc, make me think you should just go for it.
lightscribe Posts: 112
Thanks Bonnie, appreciate the advice, As you say, i think i have to go for it, its only an interview after all & nothing may come of it.. Just hard to not go over all the what-ifs though :hyper:
PaniniRoses Posts: 3628
I'd definitely go for the interview and say nothing. If and when you get offered the job and get a look at the contract you can see what their policies are and decide then if you want to take the job and how you want to tell them. While they may not throw you a party when you tell them, they are hiring (presumably) for the long term, so they'll see the benefits you bring in the long term.
Daff Posts: 11644
I'd go for it. A few things, it's still early in the pregnancy and God forbid anything did go wrong you would regret not gong for the the new job. The interviewer doesn't want to know you're pregnant, honestly. Was listening to a leading recruiter on the radio the other week and they were discussing pregnant woman going to job interviews. He said he didn't want to know. THat when looking for someone to recruit they want the best person for the job and pregnancy doesn't come into it. If he knows they're pregnant he said it's like an elephant in the room cause you basically have them over a barrel cause you're so well protected. SO if you were obviously pregnant I'd mention it but at your stage I'd keep quiet cause they might feel very uneasy knowing. End of day you have to do what's best for you and if changing job is it then that's what you have to do. Good luck!