Changing Unit and Bath - Combined

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05/09 Bride Posts: 397
Hiya! Is there any such a thing as a combined changing unity and bath? If so, anyone know where to get one? Thanks!
BB1 Posts: 752
Yes I got mine in Mama's and Papa's before DS was born. Not sure if they still do them but worth a look.
05/09 Bride Posts: 397
Mrsreddy Posts: 472
hi 05/09 bride yes they do make these i bought one - its the cosetti easi peasi changing unit and you can lift up the changing table on the top and there is a bath underneath. we got ours in mothercare for €99 and it has a good bit of storage too! hope this helps
Millie- Posts: 490
Hi there i got the cosetti easi peasi changing unit as well, but i got it in the sale in smyths and it cost 69 euro. i think at non sale price its 79 euro not sure. it's [i:2s3lo9k2]exactly[/i:2s3lo9k2] the same as the one in mothercare so maybe check it out on their website hope this helps :wv
05/09 Bride Posts: 397
Thanks a mill guys! x
flippersmrs Posts: 660
cossatto easi peasi changing unit with bath in smyths, got it for 69.99, it has wheels to so you can move it from room to room.