changing unit/ drawers combo?

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shining star Posts: 877
Hi all, just wondering if anyone has seen a really nice changing unit/ chest of drawers combo in white? I really thought they'd be easily found but it's not looking that way and as our nursery is really quite small this would really save on space for us.. Any suggestions appreciated! :thnk
Barbalou Posts: 1617
I think I saw a nice one in Des Kelly's on the longmile road, looking for one myself so if you come across let me know..
montblanc Posts: 385
Mamas and papas have some really nice ones, but SO expensive. They look lovely though
shining star Posts: 877
thanks a mill barbalou and montblanc! I'm in the West but lookied up des kelly online and also mamas and papas, hadn't seen that Ocean one, love it, why is it sooo expensive? :o( it's exatly what I'm looking for tho so if I can't find anything cheaper I may go for it! Thanks again!
shining star Posts: 877
Just to let you know that M&P are doing a new range, Willow, and the dresser is much better value- that's what we went for! Thanks again!
montblanc Posts: 385
That range is really lovely, and much better priced. Thanks for the info!!
Momof2 Posts: 3884
Can I suggest just buying a set of drawers and I've recommended this to all my firends who've had babies too. Chances are you'll end up changing baby in your room anyway in the middle of the night when they're in with you for the first few months anyway I always brought him into our room to change him for bed after his bath and I still do now even when he;s in his own room as it became habit and we have a cuddle on the bed before we get his drink for bed I think changing units are a waste of money you could get a lovely set of drawers for 100-150 and they'll use it for a lot more years than they'll use a changer unit
pollie Posts: 187
Hi Shining Star I have also been looking everywhere for a three drawer white dresser. The cheapest I found was in a shop in Galway but its 400euro. I've just spent that on the cot! How much did you pay for the willow dresser. I've just tried to buy it online on mamas & papa but its telling me its no yet available. Would appreciate any feedback. I want to purchase over the next few days. Pollie
montblanc Posts: 385
Audreys, i think the changing units in mamas and papas are ones where you have the option of putting on and taking off the top so it doubles as a normal set of drawers afterwards. So they are good in that way. One friend who had a c-section says hers was great because she wasn't able to bend low to the bed to change nappies, (she ended up getting a cheap one for downstairs as well as upstairs!!). Its so hard to know what the best way to go is.