changing units yay or nay?

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psawyer Posts: 121
Just wanted to get some opinions on them.. We’re in the process of doing up our nursery and have put a brand new wardrobe, blanket box and a 5 door chest of drawers into it. They are ‘adult’ size as we needed the extra storage anyway and didn’t see the point of getting smaller furniture. Now I’m wondering do I need a changing unit or would the chest of drawers with a changing mat on top do? If I did get one it would be one of the open ones with just shelves on it. Would love to hear what you think!
Moet for me Posts: 1841
Personally I'd use the chest of drawers, they grow ou of these things very quickly and then you have this cumbersome item of furniture to store or get rid off. That said we had a counter top in our utility room and we used that as the changing area always much handier than going upsatirs each time to change her IMO.
mammybean Posts: 10364
i was going to say yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes due to the bending changing a nappy and how akward it is but i would agree with moet, use the chest of drawers, sure it wouldnt be any different really!
mum of 2 Posts: 271
i wouldn't bother with a changing unit the chest of drawers will do the same thing thats what i have for DS it is a changing unit but its basically a chest of drawers with a changing mat on top he's 2 in April and i still use it. HTH
charli Posts: 5994
my MIL got us one in M&P to match the other furniture and it really was a god send, though i didnt have a chest of drawers just a wardrobe i used the wardrobe for all little clothes and the baskets under the changer for babygros/vests/nappies/blankets my one had the bath under the changer top i used the actual unit for DD clothes right up until this week when i moved her stuff into another new chest of drawers in getting preparation for this babs so after about 6 months i stopped using the bath and after say maybe 12 months stopped using the changer but continued to use it as storage and just kept teddies on top iykwim - got the whole 4 years out of it and now its all ready for this babs, found the bath/changer ideal but not sure for you as you have enough storage space :wv
oirish Posts: 1541
girls would you advise having a unit downstairs as well ? I'm getting a drawer unit for upstairs (with changing mat on top) but was wondering would it be worth my while getting a simple unit for downstairs too ?
Mama Dora Posts: 14987
Didnt bother for upstairs but got one for downstairs in the kitchen and its great,we use it constantly throughout the day,it has 2 shelves underneath for nappies etc... upstairs I used the top of a unit but cant now as Jessica is far too wrigely I change up on the bed in the mornings
mammybean Posts: 10364
oirish i have ours down stairs in the sitting room as this is where we use it most of the time, during the night i use a changing mat on the bed
ginger nut Posts: 5989
would you consider a cot top changer rather than a changing mat on top of chest of drawers - i'd be worried mat could slip off drawers as it wouldn't be secured. i got one from mothercare and it's great - no bending down and hurting your back and securely attached so no risk of it slipping (still have to watch ben like a hawk as he is very wriggly). also worth investing in is a bath stand if you don't have a changing unit that includes a bathtub. i was crippled bending down to bathe ben until i got the stand. got it in mothercare.
delgirl Posts: 1706
I agree use you chest of drawers - you can get sturdy cot top changers for chest of drawers as well. We have this but also have a changing unti with open drawers for downstairs (my sis gave to me) so will use that during the day. I agree with getting something for the bath. My sister ended up having a c-section and could not manage to bath baby at all. I am hoping to get away with a baby bath on table when I need it which my hubby can fill and empty.