Changing Venue - Will I get my deposit back?

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Fruitcake Posts: 307
Hi there, Quick question for all you experienced wols. I was a bm recently for a major wolly SJay (think that's her logon name). She was gorgous and the venue was fabolous, so much so that I'm trying to convince hubby to be to change from our already booked one to this one. I paid a deposit back in December, do you think I will get all or some of it back if I cancel soon? Any suggestions for reasons for cancelling other than telling them I'm going somewhere else? Thanks
Gnomie Posts: 676
I hate to be the bearer of bad news but I dont think you get your deposit back if you cancel. At least I'm nearly 100% sure you dont. Sorry!
deleted Posts: 161
jen2 Posts: 3106
They will not give you the deposit back, unless they can rebook this date ( ie if another couple book it. I got married in Castle Durrow, and this was there policy. They would hold onto the deposit until another party had booked it. Jen2
ditzypixie Posts: 1397
All you can do is ask. Our venue will not refund deposit under any circumstances but others will if they can resell your date less an admin charge. Read the terms and conditions. Good luck! *)
Bee07 Posts: 628
I think if you call and ask and they say you'll only get the deposit back if its rebooked by another couple is perfectly fair and probably the best you can hope for - normally they are simply 100% non refundable - think about it from the hotels side how many couple will they have already turned down for that date becasue it was already booked... wouldn't say its becasue your going somewhere else though - talk about a kick in the teeth - just tell them you have to cancel for personal reasons - make it sound serious and they wont want to push it
Salser Posts: 52
Hi I got 50% of my deposit back when I changed but I wasn't happy with the venue after I went to a wedding there and told them that. If they re sell the date then you should get something back but you will have to push for it. I think its only fair that if they re sell the date you get something back because they are not losing out. I have heard of hotels that give full refunds once they re sell the date which I think is fair and it means you won't say a bad word about them. I wouldn't mention that you prefer another venue though, good luck.
Fruitcake Posts: 307
Thanks guys, Was thinking I mightn't get it back but I'll try anyway. They will definitely re sell the date as I booked last September and it was the only Friday left for 2008 and I know of one couple who are looking for that venue for that weekend. All i can do is try.
birdie Posts: 954
Hi, I know my brother and his now wife cancelled the venue they booked first as they changed their minds and decided to get married abroad. They got their full deposit back because she went in to meet the wedding organiser person on her own and pretended that the wedding was off! I don't think I could do that coz I'm a hopeless liar and I'd feel bad but if you think you could do it then go for it!
Fruitcake Posts: 307
Don't think I could say wedding is off, as I know the wedding organisers sister vaguely through work and she would definitely know that the wedding was still on. I'm still waiting on their 08 prices to come back to me as the final crunch will be the figures. I think we're looking at a €500 difference between venues which I think will be well worth it instead of have to travel 55 miles to the venue.