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secret2012 Posts: 1134
I know Im not getting married till 2010 but would love ideas for charity favours. Some people leave cards on table explaining instead of favours they have donated to charity , others do pins on table. Has anyone ideas? I was thinking about the Alzheimers Society or Irish Cancer Society. Maybe both. My h2b thinks it is a great idea but would love to see if any one has a pic of what theyve done or are planning to do. Thanks :thnk
SophiaTheFirst Posts: 541
Hi, we got the tent cards from Irish Cancer Society, they have the Irish Cancer Society logo embossed on them on the front, and I think they say something about making a donation on behalf of our guests on the inside. I know I have a photo somewhere but think its on my work email so will attach it later.
missymoo09 Posts: 210
Heya Well what we are doing for our wedding is that we have got the paddy power (free) betting stationery. We are going to request that each table take bets as to how long the speeches are (as what people normally do - well they have done at the weddings we have been at). All monies collected from the bets are going to go to 2 charities and the winning bet at each table will get something like a bottle of wine as a prize. We are going to still get token wedding favors but I really think that by giving (even if it is a small amount) to charity is well worth while. Just an idea I may add!
secret2012 Posts: 1134
that would be a great help pretzel thanks and wot a quirky and fun idea missymoo :thnk
*seahorse Posts: 1122
We got pins and cards from Crumlin Childrens Hospital.The pins are 2 euro each and we made a donation of 500euro, much better giving the money to a good cause instead of buying favours that only some people will even notice!! Email your charity of choice and they should be able to help you.
suggles Posts: 186
Hi, I was speaking to someone from the Marie Keating foundation and she said that whatever you donate they will send you out key rings for the value.. you can get girl and boy keyrings, trolley coins, bag holders... i think its a great idea!
fabcards Posts: 541
trolley coins would be fantastic as people can use them...any wedding i was at that donated to charity all that was on the table was a scroll explaining that a donation has been made.....i woudnt have expected to receive a pin or anything like that as at the end of the day the money should go to the charity not to buy some pin or keyring
outdoorgirl Posts: 610
At first I was thinking of supporting a charity linked to an illness I lost someone from. Then a friend pointed out that this was quite sad. She suggested the Make a wish Foundation, as its a great cause and is a lovely positive charity. Its a cheerful thought for the day thats in it
jadem Posts: 1787
I got the cancer society keyrings for 4 euro each,there brill and will always be used.
Picasso Posts: 645
We made a donation to charity but decided not to take favours off the charity...more money then goes towards the actual work that the charity does. It's up to you what you do, but a lot of favours get left behind at weddings, one of the girls at our hotel was telling us that they throw an unbelievable number of favours in the bin after every wedding. We just put a note on the bottom of the menu cards saying that in lieu of favours we had made a donation to a local charity.