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AliceB Posts: 495
Hi girls, I would like to go down the route of charity favours for our wedding next October. I am planning to make a donation to whatever charity we chose (also fill in the tax form so they can claim more from it). We are going to do our own invitations so when I am printing anyway, we will put little cards on tables saying that we have donated etc etc etc. Will put some nice choccies then in centre of table for all to share so they're not losing out on choccie fix! I'd prefer not to go down the route of the charity giving us knick-knacks etc cos I want the money to go directly to the charity - not on dust gatherers. You know yourselves. Anyway, what I really want to know is can you guys please recommend a good cause for us? I would like to go for a children's charity (as we have a little boy). Also, any other tips for doing this in a nice, tasteful way. Thanks a mill...
sillysocks Posts: 1390
Well there's so many good childrens charities out there. I'm thinking of doing charity favours and having Barretstown ( as our charity - I've volunteered there for two weekends and just think its a magical place for sick kids. Childrens hospital in Crumlin is a good one too. I was at a wedding where someone had charity favours. They had donated to two charities and they had gotten a letter from the charities just saying that they had donated in lieu of favours and a few lines of what the charity is all about. They had the letters in envelopes with the guests name on it and used those as placenames then. thought it was a great idea and everyone was chatting asking what charity they had gotten and what a great idea it was etc. I liked that idea because it wouldn't really have cost the charity anything but everyone got something to open (even if it was just a letter!)
Excited2010 Posts: 777
Hey ya Most charities will do something for you. I know the Special Olympics do little place cards with a message on it. if ya google them you will find their irish website. I have contacted a few other charities saying i want to do favours but want to donate all money to them and dont want to buy pins or bookmarks in return as want all money to go to them and they are all nearly happy enough to make something up for us. HTH
AliceB Posts: 495
Thanks girls... will do a bit of research on it... thinking of Jack & Jill or maybe Barretstown at moment... Special Olympics also fab. Have volunteered with them in the past...