Cheap as chips DIY card for invites!

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bizarre bride Posts: 234
Ladies, I was in England last weekend visiting my BM/Sister and she took me out shopping. As any bride to the forefront of my mind was the wedding as she hasn't been around for the planning and has kinda been left out a bit. Anyhoo to the point we went into this card/book shop and I got 100 DIY ivory invite cards with envelopes for just £8. I was delighted. I had priced the card here and it was going to cost upwards of €30 (slightly altered my invite plans when I saw the ivory card!). Now I am looking at them thinking I dont have enough- Big wedding and should have bought 2 more packs, one to be safe and allow for mistakes as I am the least artistic person on the universe, and two I wouldnt have been able to carry them due to flying baggage restrictive Ryanair :o( Just goes to show we are so ripped off over here. I have even thought of halving the card and just buying some more envelopes and they are working out at €25 for another 100 envelopes-CRAZY :eek
amthee Posts: 688
It really is a rip off for invitations and rsvps! O:| Invitations are the first thing that your guests will receive so you want them to be nice but at the same time you don't want to spend a fortune on them because most of your guests won't end up keeping them! I tried a few websites when we were doing our wedding budget. :ooh Think I will end up making my own because they are so overpriced! glad you got a bargain! :wv
shoveover Posts: 480
could your sister buy another pack and post them to you? I can't get over the price of invitations here.
bizarre bride Posts: 234
H2B thinks I'm mad making our invitations so I told him the cheapest price I had seen them for online and it kinda shut him up :o0 was going to get my sister to go back to the shop and pick up another pack but as for posting it could cost a few bob as the packet is heavy!! My dad does be over and back from time to time for work so I might get him to take them back! Cant beat getting a bargain!!