cheap holiday villas in lanzorate

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crimbobaba Posts: 52
Hi Girls, Me and H2B were planning on goin on a holiday in sep this year after last year with buying the house and the rush to get into the house before christmas and gettin engaged we decide that we'd go on hol in sep. i was really lookin forward to it as we both really feel we've earned it and we need a break away from everything, however while everything was goin great, last week i got put down to a 3 day week in work :o( i know it's not a time to be spending money but we would love a holiday and need a holiday!!!!however i know in the past people have told me they've book holiday villas abroad that people owna nd rent out for a good price, i've googled villas and there all very expensive-does anyone know a good website?? :o)ll cheers girls O-O
theoracle Posts: 7664
I used ownersdirect and always was able to find a good price: Above link leads directly to choices for Lanzarote. You can refine the search according to area, no of bedrooms and availability - just click on 'refine search'.
crimbobaba Posts: 52
Hi hu101, just had a look at that site OMG there are loads to choose from thank you so much i've just sent off 2 emails so fingers crossed i'll get a good deal!!! Thanks so much O-O
LoveyDovey Posts: 71
We've been to Lanzarote several times and really love it, it's so relaxed over there, we're going back in December for 10 days and can't wait, at the beginning we used to go on package deals but the last couple of times we've booked flights and accommodation seperately, Alpha Rooms always seem to have best prices for apartments so have a look at their site (not sure if they do villas though). Enjoy :wv