Cheap Marquees.... Is there any?????

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tishbyrne Posts: 6
Hi everyone we are getting married on the 1st May next and have decided to have the ceremony at home. Now we are thinking of also having our reception at home, however marquee companies are really going to town on the prices! Are there any realistically priced marquee hire companies??? Any help would be appreciated!
kookiegal Posts: 1150
*) O-O
tishbyrne Posts: 6
Thanks for replying so quickly! I know there is so much to think about, the only concern I have is that we are having it in Wicklow and where it will be is sooooo windy so it would need to be really secure! Apart from that they seem to charge astronomical prices! We were also thinking about buying a marquee instead of renting and putting it up a week beforehand to organise everything. Still at the drawing board stage!