cheap sheets and blankets for cot and m. basket - Guiney's

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Woodstock Posts: 1565
hi girls, i was in town on saturday and i dropped into Guiney's (i remember reading here before that they were good for cot sheets etc so decided to go in for a peek) They have an entire section on the second floor with baby stuff, all very cheap. Fitted sheets for the cot and the moses basket, flat sheets for the cot, baby wraps, cellular blankets, muslin squares, changing mat, slippers, hats, body suits, vests, etc they have lots! We bought lots of bits and pieces and spent next to nothing! When i got home i opened up all the packets and the quality seems good. The sheets and the blankets are nice and soft and they're all 100% cotton. I've seen slippers at 50c, hats at 50c, a pack of 3 muslin squares at 2.99 and generally all sheets and blankets are between 2 and 6 euro a packet (some are double packets), changing mat at 7 euro, johnson baby wipes at 1.79 a packet... I have also seen moses baskets and mattresses. Just wanted to let you know as i couldn't believe how cheap they were.. Worth a visit..
tanyababy. Posts: 511
Where is Guineys located?thanks
mop1 Posts: 1564
I second that Woodstock. We were in the Waterford store on Saturday and stocked up on all the sheets & blankets that we needed. The prices are fantastic!!! :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll
Woodstock Posts: 1565
[quote="tanyababy.":3et2x7vc]Where is Guineys located?thanks[/quote:3et2x7vc] hi, i think the name of the street is North Earl Street, but it's basically Talbot St. If you're in O'Connell St. standing at the Spire, you have Henry Street behind you, O'Connell St. on your right and left and the street you're looking at in front of you is North Earl Street (Cleary's is on the corner) which then becomes Talbot Street. (I'm open to corrections) There's a map here: I think they're based in Dublin, Cork, Tralee, Waterford, Limerick and Castlebar. This is their site but they have very little on the website, you have to buy from the shop!
doolittle Posts: 910
Hi I had got a few cot sheets and celular blankets there and although the blanket was supposadly tumle dryer safe, it actually shrank in the dryer. When I checked the moses basket sheets you cant tumble dry those at all. I got a slighly more expensive range, only a few euros, either the baby elegance range, or motherare I cant remember and those you could all throw in the dryer. So just becareful you check the wash care labels...
kala Posts: 1937
Got a lot of cot cradle cot sheets and cellular blankets at a fraction of the prize else where. i think though the cotton sheets shrunk a small bit after washing but still did the job. i bought a changing mat and laundry basket too and a few cardigans.