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fitzy Posts: 54
Heh there, My hotel has the cheek to charge 12.70 for corkage and their house wines begin at 22.00, needless to say we are going to go for corkage but need to keep costs down. The wedding will be around 150 guests so how many bottles of each. Also corkage for champagne is 25.00. help help. Can go to england as groom from liverpool. Please help. June bride :idea:
MissieGold Posts: 1124
Hiya, We went to Cherbourg for ours and got really great value. We only had to pay €5 corkage so were able to spend more on the wines themselves, but there are a variety of lovely wines for around the £5 mark e.g have the australian Penfolds rawsons retreat at 2 for £10 in white and 20% off 6+ bottles on the red (really lovely wine) loads of fab french availible also wine and beer world even give you free return sailings from teh UK to france if you spend £500. HTH, Fran ... &langId=-1 :lol:
MissieGold Posts: 1124
P.S. Fitzy, Give it your best shot at talking them down corkage was origionally €12 in our hotel till we started nagging them! (have to say they were brill and were very eager to please)
SummerDays Posts: 665
Lots of people in the Republic seem to be going North to newry to purchase wine so that may be worth a try You can have a look at prices for UK supermarkets on [url:1qzszv38][/url:1qzszv38] [url:1qzszv38][/url:1qzszv38]
snozberry Posts: 1212
my friend reckons you can always get really good deals in Sainsburys and Safeways - just keep an eye out for them or go on their websites..... hth
snozberry Posts: 1212
also try oddbins, and the supermarkets are all doing deals at the moment. Superquinn has wolf blass from 8.95 per bottle and you get one free with 12. I am going to be like a dypso by the end of the weekend - have bought 5 different bottles to try out!!
Lucy Kavanagh
snozberry Posts: 1212
update - got my red wine a french merlot in Tesco at half price! have to work on the white yet though!
pwelsh01 Posts: 2
I have a lot of Italian wine at very good prices, if you're interested PM me. Bottles of Mirna Shiraz, Mirna Chardonnay Delle Venezie, Villa Cavallino Pinot Grigio Blush and Chardonnay Tervini All wine sold at 4.50 a bottle. Contact Pat on 0879063713
jenny7785 Posts: 158
im paying €4 per bottle for corkage in a five star hotel, for 140 guests, or half bottle of wine per guest was €7.50. i would try haggle them down, they prob just want you to buy more drink on the premises. i hate wine so had to buy a few bottle for family to try. there is a red mcguigann shiraz i got for €8.50 per bottle,. on sale now for €7 per bottle. and then mcguiganns chardonnay , same price. both delicious and i hate wine. in tescos. and i think you get a 5% discount on every six bottles as well
dawson.80 Posts: 4
a bit expensive wine indeed !