Cheapest place to get Booby Tubes

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wigwammer Posts: 91
Hi Does anyone know where I can get Earth Mama Booby Tubes as cheaply as possible? I've checked inhealth and amazon - right now amazon is cheaper even with delivery and exchange rate. Anyone find them anywhere else online or in shop? Thanks!
Aventine Posts: 228
Hi wigwammer, TBH I'd never heard of Booby Tubes before I read your post. Goggled them and must say they sound the business! I don't know what price they are on amazon but here's a link to inhealth. ... _4298.aspx
wigwammer Posts: 91
Thanks aventine Amazon still working out cheaper when u take delivery into account. Not sure if you can get then anywhere else in Ireland or in any shops/pharmacies. My friend(currently bfing no3) highly recommends them. But she got hers in us, way cheaper of course! She heats them before bf and puts them on, then while bfing she puts them in the freezer, then applies them after the feed. It's like a hot/cold compress. Helps with flow and brings down inflammation. My other friend said they are a godsend for blocked ducts too, poor thing got mastitis before she got them. Cheers W