Cheeky question: who's paying?

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mrsal Posts: 35
I know most couples are paying for their own weddings these days. Do you split the cost 50/50 or do you take earnings into account? I'll probably end up paying for less than H2B becuase I earn less but then again he works a lot more :-8
CountryLass Posts: 370
all our money goes into same account so we don't have the I earn this you earn that thing. So we are both paying equally for it!
chefmaid Posts: 2426
H2B earns more than me but we still split everything 50/50...
wuppsadaisy Posts: 44
We are saving 50/50 as we are both on the same money thereabouts, but if either one of us was earning more than the other I think the higher earner should contribute's not a business, it's a relationship. surely you would want to save as much as you could for your wedding, regardless of who earns what, IMO
August08bride Posts: 139
50/50 here too - we look at the whole lot as our money anyway.. (except we do have our own accounts)
honeyec Posts: 969
My Dad is paying for the reception, his parents are paying for the band, everything else is being split 50/50 between H2b and I.
papillon Posts: 1305
neither. I'd say it will be close to 50/50 leaning more to him paying more. The reason for this is I pay the entire mortgage and am the higher earner so as a result have little or no savings. He has savings as he spends very little so can afford to put a bit more into the wedding.
alskling Posts: 311
We pool our money and don't analyse who's paying for what but as a results of pooling money the higher earner probably ends up paying more towards the wedding - not that either of us give a sh^t as we view things as 'ours' not 'mine' and just pay for everything out of our joint account.
smittenb2b Posts: 675
H2B Earns more so he's paying for most. I just got a promotion in work so I am able to contribute more now. And spend more on my dress if needs be >:o)
Mrs. Ash Posts: 1168
I would say he will be paying for more, he is the higher earner, but I take care of the majority of the groceries and the day to day living expenses so he has more to spare. But it's all 'ours' anyways, so doesn't really make a difference! :wv