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missust Posts: 370
i'm looking for some opinions on asking other brides to borrow thier stuff. i was at a wedding last month and the bride had the most beautiful veil. i fell in love with it. i have since looked at loads of veils but cant get hers out of my head..its always the case....i dont really know her that well. my H2B and her husband are best friends (he is our best man) but to be honest i dont really know her. the lads kinda go out together when i go out with my friends. originally i was gonna ring her to ask her was she selling her stuff and could i buy veil from her.but she prob wouldnt have a clue who i was if i did ring her! my mum suggested texting her and asking her could it be my something borrowed. i dont want her to think im being cheap or cheeky but am i? what do yous think??
Jenno Posts: 334
I dont think its cheeky, I would go with ringing her and asking if shes selling it or where she got it...explain you felt in love with it and im sure she'd understand! :wv
Sweetcheeks08 Posts: 317
I think you should ask can you use at as your something borrowed.. No harm in asking...
blissful2b Posts: 1555
umi'd think it was cheeky sorry! i don't think i';d like someone i don't know asking for my veil! you could text her and ask her where she got it as you'd like to get one. maybe if she is selling it then she may offer it to you
ohsosoon Posts: 31
Theres no harm in asking her where she got it - thats a compliment - if she is selling it she will probably tell you that first before she says where she bought it.
marianf Posts: 5845
I'd ring her and ask her where she bought it. If someone asked me that chances are I tell them that they could borrow it.
pumba Posts: 257
Personnally I wouldnt ask to borrow it. It would put her on the spot. Would you not just text and ask her where she got it? Then you can just go and get it for yourself, or she might sell/give it to you. That way she is not put on the spot.
Mrs C at last Posts: 1672
I asked my friend could I borrow her veil for a dress fitting to help me decide if I wanted to wear one or not. Then when I told her it looked amazing with my dress, she was so happy, she offered it to me as my something borrowed. She said she would be honoured if I used it, cos it means we both have the same great taste. If anyone wanted to borrow something of mine, I would be honoured too. It would pass on the good luck to another bride. If I were you I would pick up the phone and ask, whats the worst she can say? No???
Twirler Posts: 1644
Given that you don't know her that well, I think it's a bit cheeky. I'd agree with what the others said, ask her where she got it and say you think it's gorgeous and you want one like it. If she's selling it, or would be willing to lend it to you, then she'd probably offer.
smittenb2b Posts: 675
Yea its a bit cheeky to ask about borrowing. Id ring her and say you love her veil where did she get it etc and how you want the same, then half jokingly say would she sell it ?