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missust Posts: 370
i have been offered a veil from a friend but we're friends for years. i didnt mind telling her it wasnt what i was looking for and she wasnt offended...our dresses are very different. i was just worried because i dont really know this other girl. i asked bride on the day where she got her veil and told her i loved it. she just said it was 'custom made'..dunno what that means..but it leaves me with no option of asking her where she bought it! i wouldnt mind in the slightest if someone contacted me after my wedding looking to borrow something...i'd be flattered... but after reading some posts about some people being a little obsessed with privacy about their dress and things and never considering selling them etc i got a bit worried.
missust Posts: 370
btw ...i dont mind in the slightest paying her for it. i've paid a fortune already for rest of stuff and another few hundred wont make a difference....its not the cost....its that i loved it soooo much. only mentioned borrowing it in case she wanted to hold onto it for future. think i might text her and ask is she selling her dress and veil so as not to put her on the spot
pumba Posts: 257
Even though she said it was custom made, i would still text her something like 'had great day blah blah blah, you looked fab, you mentioned your veil was custom made, would you mind giving me the contact details for whoever made it and what you asked for. Is exactly what I have been looking for' If you ask her can you borrow it and she says no, it will leave it uncomfortable the next time you see her.
Lexus Posts: 791
ah shur ask her, whats the worst that can happen? say your just looking at these now but will take hers off her hands if shes looking to sell it. Play it cool like
missust Posts: 370
thanks for all the help. i just text her saying i loved her veil. looking to buy a similiar one. has she any advice on where i could get one the same? i'll let yous know
Missus Lippy Posts: 5879
If she does let you borrow it, just be careful as veils are easily torn. I took a look at mine yesterday to see about getting it dry cleaned and it's so sheer I am wondering if it will survive it.
deda Posts: 1220
Ring/Text and ask her where she got it and does she know the make of it or if she is selling hers you would love to buy it off her - at least offer and you never know she might just let you borrow it. I don't think it's cheeky at all if you just enquire or at least offer to buy it.
Kop Mama Posts: 804
I dont think i would ask could you borrow it from her. i would ring and ask where you got it that you loved it and you cant seem to find it anywhere. She might offer it to you or she will tell you where she got it. Either way your a winner. I personnaly wouldnt like someone I dont really know asking me because it would put you in an awkward position to say yes. HTH
tootsy Posts: 779
i'd take it as a compliment someone falling in love with my veil, ask where she got it or if she is selling no harm asking
kelsar Posts: 690
Good luck !!