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nwhite Posts: 216
Hi Girls is it ok to eat homemade cheese cake. So not sure about this. So many things to watch. Also use Lancome tan its a cream like johnson cream and its great as a light tan is it ok to use this. Am 4 weeks gone and have a wedding on the 11th October need to get highlights ddone. Not sure if i should. Might ring my Gp and ask her
Toots12 Posts: 894
my consultant told me it's perfectly fine to use fake tan and to get highlights done. Just don't bother putting any tan on your belly - no need anyway! as for the cheesecake, they're generally fine - maybe find out which cheese was used to make it?
nwhite Posts: 216
Oh great thanks. I have asked my friend what cheese she is using. Hopefully its cottage chesse as then its ok. She will think i am some weido. I also also ring GP just to be sure about highlights. Thanks
nwhite Posts: 216
My friend just emailed back and told me its philadelphia cheese not sure if i can have this
Rocket Queen Posts: 7381
I was pretty sure philadelphia is allowed because it's pasteurized
nwhite Posts: 216
so what cream cheese is not allowed
Pumpernickle Posts: 206
nwhite, it's only soft cheeses like Brie, Camenbert etc that are not allowed. Spreadable cheeses are fine so enjoy your cheesecake!!!! Check out the link on May 2009 Babies - I think oddwire added it this morning - gives very helpful info on what to avoid... Edited to add link: [color=darkblue:ikqf1lwp]Here's the link - oddwire added it to another thread about food-- [/color:ikqf1lwp]
nwhite Posts: 216
Thanks Pumpernickle. I am on May babies 2009 as are you. I see your DD is 11th May. I don't see oddwires comment about food to avoid. Think i am just being paranoid about everything i do at the momet
nwhite Posts: 216
We posted at the same time thanks
nwhite Posts: 216
Just rang my doctor and she came back saying that cheesecake is fine and also its ok to get my highlights done. As long as i am not doing anything new to my hair anything that my cause an allergic reaction as the medicine they use to treat an allergic reaction is harmful to the baby. So as long as i don't get an allergic reaction i'm good. I always use the same hair colour and the same hair dresser