cheeses to avoid??

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lucyloo32 Posts: 957
reccommendations are to avoid 'soft' cheeses ... brie and camembert and bloue vein cheese. whats the story with 'soft' cheeses like philadelphia and laughing cow... are they cheeses or cheese spreads? to avoid or not to avoid, that is the question!
dancerformoney Posts: 2733
yes they are soft but they are pasteurised so ok. the above ones, brie etc are not so to avoid. its the non-pasteurised ones you need to look out for!
lucyloo32 Posts: 957
good woman you, out with the phili and crackers for lunch then so..and the bottle of white wine filled with non-alcoholic grape juice... oh the joy of fooling family at a bbq! its almost a game at this stage! :o0
angels 58 Posts: 236
hows about cottage cheese????????????
pag Posts: 633
Cottage cheese is fine. As is feta, mozzarella, Parmesan and all cream cheese. The ones to avoid are those that are mould ripened such as Brie, Camembert, Roquefort cashel blue and Stilton. Also the soft chevre(goats cheese). Look on packaging for pasteurised and once that's there you are fine.
lucyloo32 Posts: 957
thanks pag :o)ll