Chemical Peel Anyone?

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Hepburn Posts: 4081
Thinking of having a light chemical peel done on my face in the next couple of weeks. (been watching 10 years younger a bit too much!!) I do not have good skin, and would love to improve it before big day. Has anyone had one, and if so where? Do you think its to near wedding on 14th of July? I have had micro dermabrasion on my back before, might have that instead.
smurf Posts: 755
after seeing Sex and the City I wouldn't go near them, but that was an exaggeration.
Minxie Posts: 884
Hi I am having Laser done on my red veins tomorrow but Iwas in for a consulation 2 weeks ago about my skin. Basically I have good skin except for the veins. I never put my skin in the sun yet I have some mild sun damage (freckles!) I spoke about getting the Micro Dermabrasion as I've heard great things about it - it gives a good clean out and I think I would stick with that. The chemical peels use an acid I believe and although safe, it doesn't sopund like I would put anything harsh on my skin. The Micro D seems like a safer bet. Its an acid but just not as harsh. Go with what you know I say.