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stickwoman Posts: 2394
Haven't like her up until now. Actually thought she was head and shoulders above all of them tonight. What was up with Katie's make up though? Mary really needs to up her game.
cupcakebabe Posts: 2232
Really loved Cher 2ni was very surprised that she can actually sing as i just thought she was blagging her way tbru al the other weeks with just the rap songs. Did anyone think Matt was good? I thought he did a great job! Totaly agree about Aidan, Mary and Katie. Really like Paige and i dont think he is getting enough credit or promotion. Also :heartbeat: :heartbeat: One Direction! Think they are gorgeous!
whoop Posts: 1310
Cher was the spitting image of Cheryl with her hair all puffed up tonight! Uncanny. Didn't like her singing, very harsh with her pronunciation of words imo.
lucie lu Posts: 760
Don't get bored of Mary...think of the voice she has! I loved Cher tonite, haven't been a fan so far, but well done did good! Rebecca I find really really boring, it's the same every week, eyes closed, emotional performance, looking down at the floor, different dress...i just can never imagine ever ever wanting to go see her in a concert. Trayc- I can't warm to her ever since she murdered 'Purple rain' I really couldn't understand the judges being so nice to her. I hate to admit it, but really liked one direction tonite. Ah here me passin judgement on them if I could do better!lol But finally...WAGNER MUST GO!! :o0
Sweet8 Posts: 1285
[color=#400080:1oxlu8o2]Have to say, I actually liked Cher this week. But I have a soft spot for the song she sang. Also liked One Direction too. Bless them! I thought Mary was a bit weak, I was expecting her to sing 'I put a spell on you' :o( Thought it would have packed more of a punch if she'd opened the show with that. :hyper: I had to laugh when Cheryl said Wagner was a bit out of time and he just said he had been singing in English and Latin and it was a little tricky! :-8 No one else really stood out for me. Still think this year is the weakest talent-wise. :innocent: [/color:1oxlu8o2]