cheryl cole

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mrs2bee Posts: 47
so happy cheryl decided to ditch that cheating looser, id say she is so heartbroken tho, wunder will she give up his name cole and go back to tweedy, bet simon is rageing he didnt hang n in there and not have got engaged!! iv little to b worrying about dont i !! still these days with ashley cole, tiger woods, vernon kay etc etc wudnt u b afraid to let ur man out 4 a pint of milk O-O
joker Posts: 2789
well those men thought they were untouchable, money does not buy anything... she should have left him 2 yrs ago... elin nordegen, tess daly, toni poole, ... its bad enough if it happens without being splashed on every paper from here to timbucktoo... they should get some sense and leave... or is it the money thats keeping them..
Leftbank Posts: 2395
Go Team Tweedy and its bout time after all she put up with.
joker Posts: 2789
i am team tweddy too... but why did she put up with it for so long??? thats my question!
dancerformoney Posts: 2733
maybe she thought she could change him. alot of this new stuff was going on while he was meant to be making it up after the last misdemeanour!! thats the part that would tear my heart apart, the blatant lies!! she is well shot of him and i am definately team tweedy!! he is a f**king kn*b end!! edited for spelling!!
pinklady2 Posts: 402
she prob loves him very hard to judge unless are in that situation, I am glad she did leave him in the end he is no gud nor are the others.. :),I would imagine she will go back to Tweedy after the divorce comes in she does not to keep his name.
14082010 Posts: 2103
So so glad she ditched that git >:o( >:o( She is worth a million of him, will do far better without him!!! Such a pretty girl will pick up a man that will appreciate her in no time O:o) O:o) Go Cheryl Tweedy :wv
Doggysmile Posts: 188
Heres what always freaks me out on this site. I try to push it out of my mind but statistically (and realistically) a good number of the girls on this site will be cheated on knowingly or unknowingly either already now or in the future. I mean, I think my guy is a darling and has the highest morals and wouldnt do something like that to me, but I'm sure everyone here thinks that! Its so hard to see the reality of your partner when your impression of him is so shaped by your wish for him to be something ie. trustworthy, loving and your partner. How many of us know of someone, friend or just aquaintance, who has been cheated on and never expected it. In some cases I can think of, they dont know and seem to genuinely trust their partner (who is cheating on them). Those cases make me so angry but god, I can think of more cases than I can count on my hand....they adore their men and I dont know them well but I know their a**hole partner well enough to know what he has been up to. I also live abroad and I sware, men dont even take their rings off her to proposition girls and they sometimes go through a few a night, and they are mostly ordinary joes. Back to my guy, I really believe he has a lot of integrity and enough empathy not to break my heart or do things behind my back, Ive dated other men who I wouldnt have said the same about so thats my benchmark. I also think that men who cheat are 2 very different types, the ones who seriously didnt mean to get into anything and made a mistake, and the ones who get a thrill out of doing whatever they want and deceiving their partner. Unfortunately type 2 seems the most common as type 1s can make it through without cheating on their partner in (hopefully) many cases. So when the worst happens, I think all you need to know is is he a type 1 or 2, and thats how you decide whether to forgive or not. I hope I never have to seriously think about it.
Shazl Posts: 357
Wow Doggy, You've been thinking about this a bit, haven't you. Me, I can't understand why any girl would tie up with a footballer apart from for the money. Now I'm sure they're not all playing the field but they do seem to stray with monotonous regularity and you would have to be very lucky to find a faithful one. As for Cheryl Cole, I just can't understand why she waited so long - she's independently wealthy and he's been playing the field for years!
bijou Posts: 1154
I think that these guys (rich, famous) get a lot of attention from other women - It seems to me that they get offers constantly - perhaps it's too much for them to resist temptation! I'm NOT saying I condone, it, but if you are on a diet and a bar of chocolate is sitting there in front of you - how long does it take to have a bite? I'm just saying that it must be difficult for them too - you know men - always jeering eachother and egging them on and syaing perhaps that no one will find out! Ever notice that it's the girl that he did the dirt with that always lets the cat out of the bag???? why are we not barging at her?? Just my opinion! but, yes, cheryl is defo better off without him - so glad she stuck to her guns and not have a baby! Best of luck to her!