Chicken Lickens Birth Story!! (Pic added)

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Chicken Licken Posts: 873
Well girls – I’m back, complete with my little baby boy! My prediction was right anyway and he’s such a little darling! Thank you all so much for your kind posts too. Here’s my birth story and sorry in advance for it being so long… I woke up on Thursday morning 11th Oct about 8am feeling quite normal and headed to the loo. After finishing I realised I had a “show” and felt really excited. I went back into the bedroom to my hubbie and told him that I think it was starting and he was like “great, what do we do now?” I told him that I was going to have a shower and brekkie and then call the hospital as I wasn’t feeling any pains or anything different. After about an hour I called the hospital and they told me to come straight in as I was 45 mins away and they would need to confirm that I had a show and that it wasn’t a bleed. We headed to Holles St and were there about 10.30am. From then on until 1pm I was seen by a few different people until it was decided that I should take a bed in Unit 3 so they could do a trace on me to see if I was actually in labour. A bed became available about 3pm so we settled down for a while on a bed while they did a trace. It turned out that I was having contractions but wasn’t feeling them at all. I thought to myself happy days!! The doctor came in to check me and did an internal so I was told I was staying put as my cervix was “looking good!” My sister was with me and my husband so about 7pm I told them to head home as there wasn’t anything happening. My 5 yr old stepdaughter was at home wondering if the baby was coming so I told my husband I’d call him when there was anything happening. My sister came back in to stay with me and it worked out great. I felt twinges of pain from about 9pm and by midnight I was climbing the walls! I walked the length and breath of Holles St with my sis and by 2am was still only 1cm. I felt so disheartened when the midwife checked me but she told me to call my husband to come in for about 3am as my cervix was favourable and they would send me to the delivery ward then. So off we went walking for another hour and I thought I was going to die – the pain is like no other I’ve ever experienced. At 3am it was like music to my ears to be told I was heading to the delivery ward. I got the epidural as soon as I was settled on the bed and the pain was gone almost immediately. My DH arrived a little time later and my sis headed off for some well earned sleep. The midwife was just about to break my waters when they just went themselves and they were dark green with meconium. I was a bit anxious then as immediately thought my baby was distressed but the little mite was fine. They kept a close eye on his vitals the whole time and he was quite content. I then went from being 1cm to 3cm to 8cm in 2 hours. Then at 7am I was 10cms and midwife told me to push for a while. I couldn’t really feel anything so the midwife put me on an oxytocin drip to heighten the contractions. I was left on this until 8.25am and then I started to push again. This time I started to feel the contractions as the oxytocin drip went in and the epidural had wore off so I pushed until 9.39am when my little man made his grand entrance. I nearly died when they said he was 9lbs but then again I felt like I was pushing out 11lbs!! The pain from pushing was hell but I did it and have almost forgotten what it was like. Thankfully I didn’t need any stitches so I am 95% back to normal. Everyone in Holles St were fantastic and I can’t praise them enough. I had to stay in an extra day as my little man had jaundice and had to have phototherapy for a couple of days but he’s right as rain now! I now wonder what I did all day before he came along as my days are flying by so quickly. I have been writing this for a few days now as everytime I sit down to write it I need to do something else too!! Anyway, I hope to get a bit more time to drop in here as it was my bible for my wedding and during pregnancy and hope it will be as fruitful during motherhood. Congrats to all the other Oct mums here and good luck to the Nov / Dec ones as it’s a very exciting time and one that I hope to repeat…not too soon though!! :o0 :o0
under construction Posts: 3458
Thanks so much for sharing your story and well done you for doing so well. I too will be going to Holles st (please god) so its great to hear good reports as you sometimes hear mixed reports but i suppose thats with all hospitals. So thanks again for sharing, huge congrats :o)ll and a big welcome to your little man
007Babs Posts: 417
Well done to you Chicken Licken and thanks a million for posting up your birth story! It is great to read that people do get through the births - gives you a boost IYKWIM! :o)ll
LilyBlue Posts: 279
Well done & congratulations Chicken Licken! Thanks for sharing! x
the moms Posts: 1427
Well done Chicken Licken! Thanks for sharing your story, it's lovely. Congrats and welcome to your little chick! :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll
NotHere Posts: 10273
Hi Chicken Licken! Congrats on your little man! Thanks for sharing your story :thnk
newyearbabs Posts: 686
Thanks for sharing, congrats and best wishes
January Baby Posts: 1427
Congrats Chicken Licken! Enjoy your new arrival! :o)ll
shobie Posts: 1437
Congrats Chicken Licken, welcome to the baby. Any name yet?
charli Posts: 5994
well done you!! - welcome to the world to your babs!! sounds like a darlin :lvs