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PregnantAnon Posts: 21
Hi Girls I am 6 weeks pg and I noticed last night ds has chicken poc. I am in a panic cos I have never had them I have been told then can be dangerous when your pg. I am trying to ring my doctor all morning but he is constantly with someone and I am waiting for him to ring me back. I feel like getting sick with worry and I cant concentrate in work. Any advice on what I should do?
Emme Posts: 4735
Hi, calm down a little. I don't have any immunity either so my doc gave me a bit of info. If you're sure you don't have immunity you need to get hold of your doc straight away. If that doc won't see you then forget him and go elsewhere. The chances of it affecting your baby at this stage is very very small but I think they need to see you straight away and might be able to give you something to protect you. Emme
theoracle Posts: 7664
I had this scare also at the beginning of my pregnancy, as I was not sure that I had them and they were in DDs playschool. They tested me for immunity and said if I didn't have any they would give me an immunoglobulin injection. If you are sure that you did not have them, they might skip the testing and just arrange the injection for you I'd imagine. Try not to worry too much and speak to GP as soon as you can.
09Dreams Posts: 260
Could you ring your hospital if you've chosen one yet? I had to ring the Coombe about this last week and they were very helpful. Try not to worry, easier said than done I know!
hipbaby Posts: 4530
Like others said try and stay calm but do try contact your doc. Are you with VHI you could ring the nurse and she could tell you straight off what needs to be done... here is number 1850 247 724 Link to ask midwife might be something there:
PregnantAnon Posts: 21
Hi Girls Thanks a mill for you replies :thnk . My doctor just rang me back I have to go to him at 1 1O'Clock he said he will do a blood test first and take it from there. So fingers crossed everything is ok.