chicken pox and pregnancy

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Bee07 Posts: 628
my SIL, BIL and two kids were due to visit us today and stay the night - turns out one of the kids in my nieces class has chicken pox (not sure which one, if its one of the kids she plays with) - I've had chicken pox already so initially I was saying its still grand its not like my niece has them... but now I am not sure ... what do u think?-
hellsbells10 Posts: 165
Hi Bee, I don't think you have anything to worry about. Its only if you yourself have no immunity to chicken pox that you would need to contact doctor. One of my initial blood tests showed up that I don't have immunity to chicken pox and I have never had it so I need to be very careful to stay away from anyone who might have it or be incubating it. Good luck :wv
Bee07 Posts: 628
Just called my doc and she said she had checked my immunity before and there's no problem - phew!!!
hellsbells10 Posts: 165
Thats great. It is a worry trying to avoid it for the pregnancy. I will be getting myself to the doc asap after having Babs to get a vaccination!
sherbetlemon Posts: 927
Hi Bee, Once you are immune there is no problems. My dd had chickenpox a few weeks ago and I panicked! But once you are immune there's nothing to worry about. :wv