Chicken Pox & Pregnant woman

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LeonardandPenny Posts: 2684
I know this can be serious for pregnant woman but just wanted to ask, how long should you stay away from someone who has that? (is it 7days after the spots come out?) Also should hubby stay away from the child? (Hubby's friend's child has it and was going to go upto him but is not now, but he usually goes up during the week aswell so should he stay clear until next week perhaps?
CherylC Posts: 1071
My understanding is that it only matters if you have not had chicken pox yourself. If you have had chicken pox as a child then you are immune so its not a problem to come in contact with someone with chicken pox. You won't get them again. So its just people who haven't had chicken pox who need to be very careful. If your hubby has had them, then he should be fine too. During your first set of blood tests in the hospital they will check if you immune automatically (usually you won't hear anything unless you happened to be not immune).
carlie2012 Posts: 127
Hi The last poster is right, my ds got them a few weeks ago and we were told that once the both of us had the chicken pox it would be ok. as far as i know it takes 10days for the spots to come up and when you she the first spot for 3days the virus can be pick up my others. But if it really makes you nervous maybe stay away for a few more days to be sure... for your own piece of mind
LeonardandPenny Posts: 2684
thanks girls for the replies. We've both had them but himself said he'd stay away this week.
marles Posts: 1397
Just be careful Mrs. Messer if you had a mild does of the chicken poxs then you could get it again. I would ring the dr. and ask for the results of you imunnity. I would get your DH to stay away for the week. It is always best to be sure.
Daff Posts: 11644
If you call doctor/hospital they'll be able to tell you your immunity. Or if you have your hopsital notes it'll be in that if you had your bloods done yet. I know in HS they're not done til 16 weeks though. Just for anyone in future. there is a chicken pox vaccine. I'm getting it for DD cause it's so serious to get if pregnant. It's €30 and my GP does it. It's a standard vaccine in the US but cause it's life threathening they don't include them in the free jabs over here. Worth thinking about if anyone has a DD.
LeonardandPenny Posts: 2684
thanks girls for the replies :thnk , hubby stayed away and they cleared up and she was back in school during the week last week. (haven't had my first appt yet for bloods etc but will ask next wk (1st appt)).