chickenpox 21 weeks

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Poppi Posts: 97
am 21 weeks pregnant and came in contact with a school that had chickenpox on firday. now teacher said all sick kids were at home. anyway am a bit concerned as i've no immunity to german measles (doc told me this from blood test). i'm nearly 100% i've had chickenpox as a child but can't be totally positive. rang doc and he told me to come in for a blood test. am a bit stressed and really worried. anyone else experience this?
StayShiny Posts: 1078
if you think (and 100% is pretty certain) that you've had chickenpox or shingles (they the same virus), then you'll be fine. Good idea to get it checked out though anyway. The dangerous times are earlier than you are now, and near and at the birth of the baby. I'm not immune for chickenpox and absolutely terrifed, so I know how you feeling honey. :action32 [b:1r4ts8hr]Also, could you tell me what part of the country this school is in? Thanks. [/b:1r4ts8hr]
nea dude Posts: 749
Hope everything is ok for you, keep us posted :lvs
Poppi Posts: 97
thanks school is in mayo
StayShiny Posts: 1078
thanks. appreciate that. Have they taken bloods yet? Or is that tomorrow. You have about 96 hours (I think, so it is a bit of time alright) to get the antibodies for the chickenpox, if you are not immune. It will be infused over a few hours and is perfectly grand and not painful at all. I felt a bit dizzy after, but I didn't really care at all. Do any of your family remember you having chickenpox? hugs again.
Poppi Posts: 97
haven't mentioned it to anyone as don't want them to be worrying about me and babs. but i'm nearly 100% i had it. bloods being taken tomorrow morning. my head is wrecked !!!!!
StayShiny Posts: 1078
yah, I can totally imagine. You should ring someone though. Most people haven't a clue about chickenpox affecting pregnant women (!) ... even my mother (who is a nurse) hadn't a clue. So you could just generally mention it in passing and see what they remember. Worth it for the peace of mind. I'm absolutely terrifed again, as the most dangerous time is week of and after giving birth (which hopefully will be soon for us).... it is so hard not to worry xx
MCD Posts: 63
Hi Girls, About 98% of adults have immunity to chicken pox, lots of us have had really mild doses when we were small and don't remember but are still immune. Once you are immune that immunity is passed on to the baby and lasts for up to one year . Most maternity hospitals screen you for Varicella (chicken pox) and if you've heard nothing you must be immune so I wouldn't worry too much but ask your ante natal clinic to clarify for you. Best of Luck
Long Legs Lizzy Posts: 233
hiya, I'm a teacher and same thing happened in my class but hospital should tell you if you're immune. i have no immunity to German measles either but was ok with the chicken pox. Try not to worry. Ask the principal to say it to the mother of the child to make sure the child stays at home until fully better hope this helps
StayShiny Posts: 1078
yup totaly forgot about that. if you've had your first visit to the hospital, they will be able to check your file for the result of the blood tests done then. I hadn't had any blood tests done at the time it happened to me.