Chickenpox and PUPPP

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lolly2010 Posts: 707
My 5 year old has chickepox :o( , its in the early stages but the spots are spreading fast and itching her already, any other mams have any tips for dealing with chickenpox in kids? Im clueless :duh: And iv got PUPPP again :weep , had it at the very start of pregnancy for 3 and half weeks and i swear i nearly lost me marbles, its horrific >:o( i wouldnt wish it on and enemy! Doc said its starting again, im reefen already. So if any of you have every had PUPPP can you tell me the ways you eased it?? Thank girls :thnk Its gona be one itchy house over the next few weeks :weep
rats tails Posts: 548
Oh God love you PUPP is the worst thing I have ever experienced. I nearly tore my skin off with the itch but the good news is there is no need to suffer. I was public initially and developed PUPP at week 28 and suffered until week 31 when my DH booked me in private and it is just outrageous that as a public patient I was just told to take piriton. As soon as I went private my consultant admitted me into hospital and I saw a dermatologist. I was given steroid injections and a steroid cream and I had to have a bath a day with aqueous cream ( not sure of spelling but you can buy in chemist) I also had to put I think E45 cream on. Within 48 hours it was gone completely. It still outrages me to think that I was left to suffer for weeks and as soon as I went private and paid the big bucks it was sorted out. So demand that they do something for you. I still have scars nearly a year later where I ripped at my skin with the itch.
lolly2010 Posts: 707
O rats tails your right thats awful. Yeah im public aswell, i got it early on in this pregnancy aswell and the attitudes of the doctors (i saw loads!) was we'l try this and hopefully it will go.. eh hopefully?? I was loosen me mind up all night scratching i needed it to definitely go! O:| Its back about a week now, only in the early stages but spreading fast, they told me to use hydrocortisyl cream but the rash is spreading faster than im putting it on :duh: yeah im the same still covered in scars from the last time :o( iv another docs appointment comming up (just a baby checkup) i might mention some of the stuff you mentioned and see what they can do. Thanks :thnk