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somanyplans Posts: 225
Hi Ladies Im in week 17 and my bloods show Im not immune to chicken pox. Wasnt that bothered or worried until I got a scare yesterday when I came into contact with a colleague who has shingles. We were planning on going to my DH's home at the weekend but some of his nieces and nephews have not had chickenpox and it turns out a family they know in the local area have kids with chickenpox at the moment. I dont want to go. What would you do? Any other advice on how I should handle this? Thanks SMP
StayShiny Posts: 1078
Hi somanyplans, sorry to have to tell you but don't go near anybody with CP, or if they have had contact with CP and are not immune, especially children. I'm also not immune to CP and had a scare about 3 weeks ago (at 15 weeks P), with CP not shingles (I think it is less contagious than patients with full-blown chickenpox, which is good news). I rang my doc the next morning and within a couple of hours was in hospital getting the blood test (as I didn't know before that) and the next day was called back in again to get the antibodies over a few hours. I were extremely upset at the time, more calm now thankfully :) Ring your doc and explain everything is the best advice I can give. He/she will be able to tell you whether you need the antibodies also. Let me know how you get on babe. Sorry to scare you, as I think I probably have, but it definitely safer to check it out asap than worry in the long term.
2calm Posts: 187
I had to research this last week as I was going to go away with my mum for the weekend when she told me one of the girls in her work (that she sits close to) had shingles. Now I am immune to CP, but I don’t think you can be immune to shingles. I think once you get CP, it lies dormant in your system and if re-activated become Shingles. Anyway, first thing I would say is be very careful going forward and avoid anyone with either CP or shingles just in case. Secondly, apparently while CP is easily transferred (as it can be airborne) it is harder to contract Shingles. The CP virus is in the blisters of a Shingles person (sorry tmi) and unless you share a towel or the person who has it has been scratching and passes something to you then you should be fine. Just be careful and avoid any children who have CP especially. It is CP season at the moment I’m afraid.
rushinbride Posts: 1097
oh i'd keep well away also...I've had chicken pox as a child, and presume i'm fairly immune to it...but I passed a child recently absolutely covered in pox...i nearly died...i couldn't believe the child was out in public... :o0 ... now i know supposedly when the spots break out they are past their contagious stage (apparently)...but my son had pox 2 yrs ago...he got a rare form of them and i had to bring him to doc....we were brought into to wait in a small treatment room and for the following few days were brought there also, to be kept away from the gp warned me to keep him away from any pregnant woman even tho he was at the 'end' of the illness...he said it didn't matter its better to be safe than sorry...i think that kinda sums it up really - It is better to be safe than sorry...